Tapatalk BETA plugin for Kunena 4/5

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17 Sep 2016, 09:12 #21

moledj wrote: Released beta 2.0.2, it solve some issues with participated tab, and it supports show the realname, following kunnea configuration


PS: i want to remember again that this beta is compatible both for Kunena 4 and for Kunena 5 ;)
Thank you for your work on this plugin. I will try it live on BYO sometime next week on Kunena 4. Seems fine on test installation on Kunena 5. :)

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12 Oct 2016, 13:26 #22

I have been running this beta plugin now on my Kunena 4 forum for 2 weeks+. For general use, it works fine, but there are still some bugs around.

How do you put a link to a youtube video in a post?

On the website you will use the editor and end up with:

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 [video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]FqBliWrMVTM[/video]
This will show fine in the web, but not using IOS or Android app.

Using BYO app, you will have to use "insert url" and end up with:

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This will in the website send you to external link on new page.

It would be nice if app would have "Insert..." then chose YouTube video id and get the same format as on webpage.

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14 Oct 2016, 21:09 #23

Many thanks to the people who have developed this, I have been missing Tapatalk from both my forums for a few months now and its good to have it back (Kunena 5)

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21 Oct 2016, 10:22 #24

I'm using Kunena 5.0.2, and Joomla 3.6.3 (with memcached). I get the following errors at the site owner's admin:
- We're not able to detect the Tapatalk Plugin working correctly in your site. Try reinstalling Tapatalk Plugin, check the file permission and make sure it is installed correctly. Your BYO app will not work until Tapatalk API is correctly installed.
- We are not able to verify the status of the Tapatalk plugin on your site via (http://granturismofever.hu/mobiquo/mobiquo.php). Pls. ensure the forum URL, extenstion and mobiquo directory provided are correct and valid.

I have green checkmarks in all box, and I copy the correct api key to the new version of Tapatalk Joomla plugin. The mobiquo dir now have 777 permissions.

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03 Nov 2016, 06:57 #25

Despite the following settings being set to NO we are seeing users able to join our site without permission:


We require our users to be approved by a moderator and we require certain profile values to be filled in. Tapatalk is allowing users to bypass these requirements and simply join the site. Can you look into this urgently please?

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03 Nov 2016, 17:49 #26

We just published the beta 2.0.3 that shoudl solve the issue with registration and the settings tapatalk_reg_type and tapatalk_auto_approval_user, please give it a try. Also, we will work on the support for extra profile fields for next plugin update.

You can download it here

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08 Apr 2017, 08:36 #27

I have
- Joomla! 3.6.5 stable
- Kunena 5.07
- 5.5.5-10.0.29-MariaDB
- PHP 7.1.3
- Tapatalk Plugin 2.0.3

Tapatalk is not a member of any public groups.
Is here still a maintenance of this plugin?

Best regards

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26 Jun 2017, 17:57 #28

When my host a few days ago switched to PHP 7.1.6, all BYO apps stopped working (IOS and Android) (Joomla 3.6.5, Kunena 4.0.11, mobiquo 2.0.2)
While we are waiting for a fix from Tapatalk, we did the folowing in th file MbqAppEnv.php :

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// Initialize session                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
        $ksession = KunenaFactory::getSession ( true );
        if ($ksession->userid > 0) {
            // Create user if it does not exist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
            $kuser = KunenaUserHelper::getMyself ();
            if (! $kuser->exists ()) {
                $kuser->save ();
            // Save session                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
            if (! $ksession->save ()) {
                MbqError::alert('', JText::_ ( 'COM_KUNENA_ERROR_SESSION_SAVE_FAILED' ));
            if (MbqMain::$oMbqConfig->moduleIsEnable('user')) {
                $this->oCurKunenaUser = $kuser;
                $this->oCurJUser = JFactory::getUser();
                $oMbqRdEtUser = MbqMain::$oClk->newObj('MbqRdEtUser');
Look at last line where we added "null". After this the BYO app would work again.

BUT some users with Android 7.0 devices are unable to get their app working again. App installs, but will not load messages or give you a menu so you can log in.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon, as I believe it is the stricter PHP.7.1 giving code in mobiquo problems.

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08 Jul 2017, 17:12 #29

I have update my site (php 5.6 - joomla 3.7.3) with kunena 5.0.10
Now with tapatalk (v.6.5.6 - mobiquo 2.0.3) it's all very slow and i can't read the chronology of the discussions and my subscriptions

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17 Sep 2017, 15:44 #30

Canoniani wrote: Hi
I have update my site (php 5.6 - joomla 3.7.3) with kunena 5.0.10
Now with tapatalk (v.6.5.6 - mobiquo 2.0.3) it's all very slow and i can't read the chronology of the discussions and my subscriptions
Yes, been having issues after upgrading as well.  Running latest versions of everything.  Are there plans for another plugin update?