SMF Plugin installation

SMF Plugin installation

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15 Nov 2017, 21:10 #1

Hello !

I´ve installed the Plugin.
I changed all permissions to 755.
after installation SMF said i can test and use URL ... Forum_URL/mobiquo/config/config.txt to see if correct displayed.
This file doesn´t exit.

Registration on tapatalk forum said .. "there is no plugin installed" ...
Url shown there is ... FORUM_URL/mobiquo/mobiquo.none

this file also doesnt exist ..
Whats my mistake ?

SMF : 2.0.14
Plugin : 2a Version 4.4.1

please help !


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16 Nov 2017, 04:29 #2

Please link us to your site. 

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17 Nov 2017, 04:21 #3

Thank you for sending us the link. 
I looked into your account, looks like we were not able to detect a working Tapatalk Plugin working on your site. If you have installed the plugin successfully, this link should be accessible

Here are some tips
1. Check if mobiquo/ folder exists under your forum root directory.
This link should be accessible if you add the mobiquo folder to your root directory correctly:

2. For mobiquo folder file permissions: 
The mobiquo folder permissions AND ownership should be set as it allows your php process to execute it. Normally set these to 775 can make it work, but in some cases these permission are not enough or excessive. To configure it properly you can take a look at your existing forum installation folders and set mobiquo folder and files the same permissions. For example, this is the screenshot of a php installation, as you can see, the owner is www-data and the directory permissions, in this case, is 777, so, mobiquo folder must have same permission and owner" (see attached)

3. Check if there are any folders/files under mobiquo folder with 0 size, this may caused by no enough server spaces or sub-directory of plugin was not copied by system during installation. In this case you need to upload the mobiquo/ directory to your forum root manually. 

4. Please check you have not banned in your firewall:
  • The Tapatalk IP Address that will require access to your server in open fashion is:
  • and your web server is able to accept http post curl requests
5. Please verify if you have uninstalled old plugin first if situation applies. Remove the prior version completely and do a fresh reinstall. 

Tapatalk Support Team