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A very frequently asked question is... how do I make a forum accessible to only certain members, or how do I allow guests to see certain forums and not others?

Forum access in general is based on groups. Groups have security value, they determine who sees what and who can perform certain actions.
Each forum comes with a number of default groups. Let's go over the groups first, and see what they represent.

There are pre-defined groups = groups that come with the forum by default, and there are user defined groups = groups that are created later. User defined groups can be useful when you wish to give permissions to specific members. We will not discuss those groups in this tutorial. Here, we concentrate on pre-defined groups.

Pre-defined groups.

Global Moderators
Newly Registered Users
Registered Users
Registered COPPA Users
Tapatalk Premium Users

In a default setup, your Administrator group and Global Moderator group will have the settings an admin or mod should have. (= Admins can access the ACP, Moderators can perform post moderation duties).
Also in the default setup, the Newly Registered User group is not used (we will discuss this in a different tutorial) and all members will go to the Registered Users group.
The Guest group represents anyone who visit your forum while not signed in as a member.

How to adjust group (access) settings.

The path to follow is this:

Click Manage settings at the top in your navigation bar.
Select ACP, you will be asked to re-authenticate yourself.
Click the Permissions tab.
Click Group Forum permissions in the sidebar.

0permissions.png On the resulting page, select the group you wish to set permissions for, and click Submit.
Next, check the "All forums" box and click submit.

On the resulting page, click Advanced Permissions for each forum separately.

Here, you can set permissions. Make sure to click on each tab (see screen shot) so that you don't miss anything.
When done, click the "Apply All Permissions" button to save your changes.

Making a forum Private
To make a forum private, set the "Can see forum" and "can read forum"  under the actions tab to no.
You need to do this for each group you wish to make the forum invisible to.
0permissions5.png To make a forum public, set the Can see forum and Can read forum options to Yes.

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