Gold Points FAQs

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What are Gold Points?
When someone makes a donation to your Tapatalk Group, the donation gets converted to Gold Points. Your group receives 100 Gold Points for every dollar that is donated.

Who can make a donation?
Anyone can make a donation, whether they be members of the group or not. Guest donations will show in your console as donations by anonymous user.

What can I do with the Gold Points?
In this initial phase, your Gold Points can be used to get additional ad-free pageviews once your group exceeds the 20,000 pageviews per month threshold. The Gold Points are in an early release. Do stay tuned for more things you will be able to do with the Gold Points.

Where do I see who donated?
The names of members who donate will be shown at the bottom of your group’s directory page. You can also see them by clicking at the Gold Point icon in your navigation bar, and selecting “Activities”.

I have no Gold Points icon in my navigation bar, where is it?
The Gold Points icon will appear as soon as you have points. It does not appear when there are no points.

How will I know when someone donates? I don’t check the board every day.
Don’t worry, for each donation you receive, you will also get an email from us to inform you of the donation.

What’s in it for people who donate?
Everyone who makes a donation of $5 or more, will receive a badge next to their name on the forum. This is to indicate that they have supported the forum. They will also receive one month of ad-free viewing.

Some gold points appeared, but there have been no donations. What happened?
If you had Upgrade points at Freeforums, they will have been converted to Gold Points and added to your group.
If you migrated from Yuku and you had ad-free credits, those will now appear in your navigation bar in the form of Gold Points.
Ad free days: If your forum was on ad-free days, please stay tuned for more information.

Can paypal be used for donations?
Yes, Paypal and credit card can both be used to make donations.

I already paid for my board, can I turn donations off?
Yes, you can disable donations in the Tapatalk Console. Click Manage settings -> Tapatalk console -> Donation Control. You will find where to enable / disable it.

Can I use the Gold Points to start my Premium Tier subscription?
Not at this time, sorry. However, please read the reply to this topic for more information.

Can I hide the Gold Point icon and yet receive donations?
Yes you can. The Gold Point icon is just a display. In can be removed via your Tapatalk console by going to Manage settings -> Tapatalk Console -> Gold Points.

How do I find out how many ad-free pageviews are being used?
Our team is working on releasing detailed statistics that will be available to you. This release will happen very soon, it is currently in the testing stages and nearing completion. You will also receive an email notification when your ad-free credits run low.

My group has far more than 20,000 pageviews a month. Is there any way I can save a bit on the amount of ad-free credits I use?
Yes, definitely. You can choose to show ads to guests, but remove them for your members. This will reduce your ad-free pageviews usage  considerably,

I’m still a little confused. Where can I find more information?
You will find a tutorial at ... s-t95.html

I made a change in my ad settings, but everything is still the same as ot was before. How come?
Changes made during any givenmonth will become effective at the first of the next month.

Please note that in this initial release, Gold Points can only be used to toward ad-free pageviews over 20,000 for the month, but more options will be added in the near future.

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A few things are currently being worked on.

1) Soon, you will be able to use your Gold Points for ad-removal without subscribing to the premium tier.
Using Gold Points for ad-removal without being subscribed to the premium tier will be more expensive, however.

2) Eventually, you will be able to withdraw your Gold Points for cash.