Controlling Guest Access

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Guests are those who visit your forum without being logged in to their account. They can be existing members visiting the forum while logged out and are counted as Guest until they log-in. If your forum is set to Private, guests won’t be able to access or view your forum content. By default, Guest has only "Read only access" and you will need to manage it to allow Guests to post. Basically, this tutorial is for those who set their forum to public but would like to manage guest access:

To manage Guest posting or allow Guest to post:
  1. Log in to your Admin Control Panel
  2. Go to Forums tab and Group forum Permissions. On Look up usergroup, select Guests and click Submit.

     3. Select the forum you wish to modify Guest access or check “all forums” and click Submit.

     4. Here you can modify Guests posting access. You can choose from the pre-defined roles or edit the access the way you want it for Guests. Navigate through each of the tabs (Content, Actions, Polls and Misc) to make sure you have provided the right level of access to your guests. Lastly, click on Apply permissions at the bottom.

Guest Posting in the Tapatalk App

Guest Posting is supported in (coming soon) iOS 8.0 and Android 7.4.3 and higher.

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