Advanced Advertisement Control and Forum Analytics

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7:23 PM - Nov 02, 2017 #1

Dear Tapatalk Group Owners and Moderators,

October was a busy month with improvements and new features.


The long anticipated analytics has been rolled out to all groups in the Basic and Premium Tier.
Log in to your Tapatalk console to view the group’s statistics, including unique visitors, pageviews, new topics and reply count, ad pageviews, ad-free pageviews credits, new user count, gold points, ad removal fee, as well as detailed data on visitors in real time.

Disable Ads per Usergroup

We have added additional options to the ad fine-tune section. You can now disable ads per usergroup. For example, you can make a group for specific members and remove ads for this group, while showing ads to other members and visitors. The new settings can now be found in the Tapatalk Console.

Use of Gold Points to Remove Ads in Free and Basic Tier

If you have Gold Points, but you are not subscribed to the Premium tier, we have added an option to remove ads with the Gold Points that your members donated. There is no longer a need to subscribe to premium. (You will need more gold points per Page View to remove ads if you don’t have Premium Tier).

Setting Boards Private

We noticed that many admins prefer to have a private group. Previously, you had to adjust privacy settings for each group and each forum in order to get the privacy settings you wanted. This process could take a long time for boards with many groups and many forums. With our new privacy option, it takes seconds to make your board private. Find the new option on the board settings page in the ACP.

New Member Notifications

Email notification has been added for new registrations.  You will now receive a notification each time someone joins your group. We hope this will help you find the new members quick and easy.

UI Improvements to Shadow Topics

Our team has made some UI improvements to shadow topics, making it easier to distinguish the moved topics from the regular ones. Migrating to Tapatalk Groups

We continue to work on new features and improvements, shaping the Tapatalk Groups Platform for you and with you. And lastly, we want to welcome forum network joining Tapatalk Groups. All forums from will soon to be finished migration next week. Say hi to the admins from Prophpbb when you see them in our support group!

Coming Up Next

In the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out more exciting new features include Premium Membership Subscription (as the owner of a group can decide which section is Premium and require a fee to access), ability to set Welcome message, and more!


Tapatalk Team