V5/Famitama Closeup Chart

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As many of us know, when a family gets 20% or more bonding on the V5/Famitama, the eldest (and sometimes the only) character will come up close to the screen and say hello! That is a moment we'd like to capture.

Thus, here is the V5/Famitama Closeup Chart.

A monochromatic chart can also be found here [x].

Contributors: Acidiica, buba, spudilike, -Ra-, GK1, A lvin, Real_Three, Osumesu21, .Hidatchi., Princess-Piggy, Gotchi Pal, and mimitchi*mametchi*angel. Thanks for all your hard work!

If any corrections need to be made, please notify me or another one of the art moderators about this, and it shall be done.

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