V4 / V4.5 Job FAQ's

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A few V4 (and V4.5) Job FAQ's

1. How do I get a job?

You will be offered a job in the important mail [!] soon after you have graduated from school as an adult- this usually occurs 24 hours after becoming an adult. If you didn't enroll in school- so never had a graduation, you will be offered a job within a few hours of turning into an adult.

2. How do I select a job?

When the [!] letter arrives for the job, and you have selected it from the mailbox, you will 'jump' up off the screen and an away sign will show up. Press 'B' and you will be taken to one of the job locations. Use the 'A' button and you will see 5 different jobs being offered to you. These will be a random selection from the 15- and not necessarily one's you are most qualified for.

When you see a job you want use the 'B' button to select it. You will then be given an interview by a panel of 3 judges. If you get three 'O's you will be accepted. One or more 'X's and you will be offered another job to try.

3. I got rejected for all the jobs- what happens now?

You will normally be given another round of job interviews in another [!] letter in a few hours time- you will probably be given a different selection to try out for. Don't be too disappointed if you don't get offered the job you really wanted, there is always the next generation. It is also possible that you may have a couple of days of 'failed' interviews, or you may never get a job. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen to your tama if it doesn't get employed!

4. But I want to know why I got rejected, as I have plenty of skill points?
We don't know why, sometimes even characters with high skill points still get rejected for job interviews, while some characters with very low skill points get accepted.

5. How do I know which jobs are which?
Have a look at this chart. It shows what the jobs are and which skill area they are associated with

What about V4.5 jobs?
Here is a chart showing V4.5 Jobs

6. How do I go to work?

To go to work and play the associated 'mini game' you need to use the 'WORK' option on the connection menu. (the 5th icon on the top row). Select 'WORK' and when the away screen shows up- you press 'B' and you will be taken to the mini game.

7. Do I get paid for my job?

Yes. The first time you go to 'WORK' (via the connection icon) each day (starting the day after you first get the job), the mailman will bring a bag of points which are your wages. You will also gain skill points in the relevant area associated with the job each time you play. The basic wage is 1000points, but the more you play, the more you will earn.

8. Can I change jobs once I get one?

Yes. You will usually be offered another round of job interviews after a day or two or when your tama has had a baby. But this doesnt always happen. If you didn't get your first job immediately after graduation, then you will probably only have one job before it leaves.