V4 & V4.5 Foods and Skill Points

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Feeding certain V4 foods can have an effect on your tamagotchi character's skill points. Some foods will increase skill points in all categories by a certain number, others can increase skill points in one category only by a certain number. Some food have no effect on skill points.

Through testing all foods - meals and snacks bought from the shop, food bought through the V4 codes, food won on V4 TamaTown and food given as gifts from the king, spudilike and I have come up with the following chart:

Thank you spudilike for making the chart.

All other foods have no effect on your tamagotchi character's skill points.


Here is a chart for the V4.5 skill point raising foods.

Thank you to Gottahavetamas for finding out all the information.

If you know the +1 food for 'all groups' please post in this topic:


Thankyou. Spudilike.