V4/V4.5 CellPhone FAQ


6:24 PM - Feb 19, 2007 #1

How do I get it?
You can get the cell phone with your universal codes. The cellphone is substituted for the last code you enter. I reccomend entering the CD3 password last, because the CD3 costs no points what-so-ever to buy. You can find all of the shop codes and all universal codes right here.

What does it do?
The cellphone allows you to see you character talking to it's relatives or teacher. Sometimes they will just talk with little dots in a word bubble, and sometimes your relative will let you know how it's doing using words such as 'ok.'

How do I use it?
You can use it by selecting it from your item screen. You can only use the cellphone if you have an adult. When you select it your tama should have it sitting next to them with three little circles in a word button above. The circles are like the ones in 'Dance' and the work the same way too. The left one is the A button, the middle one is the B button, and the right one is the C button. You will need to use the buttons in the right sequence to dial your relatives phone number.

How do I get the phone number?
Phone numbers are avaliable in the family screen, at the end of a parents list. When you go to the family screen you can use your A and C buttons to find a relative and the B button to select it. keep hitting the B button until you can see a small two rows of arrows and dots. The arrows and dots are actually a code that you can use for the phone number to the cellphone. The parent and grandparent codes are always the same, but you can also go into your family list if you want to do it your own way. ^_^ Here are the codes the the parents and grandparents:
Parent...........................A A B A C C B B
Grandparent...................C C A C B C B A

Here is a little key to help you 'decipher' your code if you have any problems...
Are there any other numbers?
Yes, Tamagotchi.com has published a .pdf file for the cellphone numbers. The three school teachers are avaliable to talk to, and you can talk to anyone of them you choose even if you didn't have that teacher as your teacher for school. You can also talk to the King and the PreSchool teacher.
The link to the .pdf file of cellphone numbers is here:
I have made a new chart- different to Bandai's with a little help from Spudi.
The codes work on V4 and V4.5
Is that all you can do with the cellphone?
Yes, that is all you can do with the cellphone from your inventory. BUT, every once in a while when you go to visit another v4 instead of leaving to visit, both of the tamas start talking on their cell phones to each other. There has even been an incident where two babies have talked on the phone together. Apparently, age doesn't matter when they are in visit mode.

Thanks to Pinefir for finding the cellphone number to Mr.Turtle http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=7909 and thanks to Kyliesmum for compiling the v4 shops codes http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=6673 that helped me write this up and thanks to Spudilike for tipping me off about the 'visit' screen with the cellphone (and the pictures!) THANKS TO BINARY FOR FINDING THE PHONE NUMBER FOR MS.FLOWER, MR.CANVAS, MS.FRILL, AND THE KING. Thanks to kitten for posting the link to the .pdf file of cell phone numbers. A big thanks to spudilike, chocosilver, kitten20, and binary for helping out so much in this project!