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This topic aims to point you in the right direction when looking for the information you need about

Version 4 (Jinsei) Tamagotchi Connection /Connexion.

Do you need Instructions ?

Click here for scans of V4 instructions


If you have Adobe Acrobat reader
Click here for a PDF set from Tamagotchi.com

Do you want to see a V4 Character Chart ?
There are 2 in this topic

Do you want to see a growth chart?

Do you want to know how to get a Special Character- Tensaitchi, Makiko or Nonbiritchi?

Click here to see a growth chart

Do you want to know all the items you can buy on your Tamagotchi V4?

Click here to see the V4 shop item list

Do you need a general guide ?

We have one here
There's one here

Do you need the shop codes/passwords and help with entering them?

This topic will tell you all you need to know

Do you need some info on the TamaTown Souvenirs, and where to get them?

Have a look in this topic.

Do you need some help with jobs?

Jobs- Frequently asked questions.

School/Career screens - help with recognising them.

V4 Job information- how to play the games.

Do you need to know how to play the Games?

V4 Games Guide

Do you need to know how to play the Jobs games?

Have a look in this topic

Do you want to see food Likes/Dislikes ?

Would you like to see which foods raise skill points?

See this topic on Foods/Skill points

Here is a chart containing all of the meals and snacks available:

V4 Meals and Snacks Chart

Here's a chart which shows sleep/wake times

Do you have questions about the Matchmaker?

Have a look in this topic.

You may also find this topic interesting.

Other interesting V4 topics

V4 Sleep/Wake times

V4 cell phone FAQ's

The very first topic we had on Tama Zone about V4 and the discussions about it

A report from the first member to get one October 2006

Finally, here are the links to TamaTown V4

US version of TamaTown

Tamagotchi Europe (English version)