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Guide to the Tamagotchi V4 Games

A Few Notes:
The buttons on the Tamagotchi are referred to as A, B and C, from left to right. A game is won when trumpets sound, and winning a game will give your Tama four happy hearts. A partial win (GOOD, GREAT, EXCELLENT) will win Gotchi Points and give your Tama one happy heart. Please note that your Tama must be above its minimum weight to play games. If your Tama is refusing to play, give it a snack and try again.

Baby Stage
Jumping Rope
Skill Area: ? Random?

Press any button on your Tama to make it jump over the rope as it swings around. The rope speed gradually increases. Tip: Press a button when you see the jumprope turn into a horizontal line. 30 jumps in a row will win the game and give you 400 Gotchi Points.*

Child Stage
Skill Area: ? Random?

A random Tama will appear on the right side of the screen and cycle through four poses: Normal, startled, sideways, or backward. It will freeze on one of those poses. Your Tama will then start cycling through those poses, and you need to click any key when your Tama mimics the pose the other Tama has chosen. Tip: Watch your Tama cycle through the poses a couple of times, before clicking. Timing is important. You need to match the other Tama's pose two out of three times, to win that round. The score is kept at the top, with an O for a win and an X for a loss. Winning six rounds wins the game and 400 Gotchi Points.*

Teen Stage
Skill Area: Intellectual/Intelligence

Match the shapes that fall from the sky before they drop to the bottom of the screen. There are six shapes: star, circle, square, triangle, diamond and heart. As shapes fall from the sky, you cycle through your shapes at the bottom using the B key, then send the matching shape upward using either the A or the C, depending on which side the shape is falling on. Tip: You can choose your next shape as soon as you launch one--you don't have to wait for it to reach its target. 30 matches wins the game and 400 Gotchi Points,* and the speed increases as the game progresses.

Skill Area: Arts/Fashion

Think of this game as DDR for the Tamagotchi. Three black circles with + signs in the middle will appear across the top of the screen. When a circle turns fully black, press the button it corresponds to. For example, when the left circle is black, press the A button. If both the A and C circle are black, press both buttons. Your Tama will move with each button press, and will jump when you press A and C together. If you win six rounds, you win the game and 400 Gotchi Points.* Tip: This game takes practice!

Skill Area: Social/Kindness

Identical to the Flag game on the V3. Match the flags in the sky by pressing the corresponding buttons: A for black, C for white, and both for both. Tip: Don't be fooled by short flags, and always match the flag color, not its position. The game gets speedier and trickier as it progresses. You must go eight rounds to win the game and gain 400 Gotchi Points.*

Additional Games
There are other games that are played by connecting to another V4, which also net 200 Gotchi points for a regular win and 400 Gotchi Points for a 'perfect' win; and mini-games that are played in school or by getting a job as an adult. The payoff for the 15 career-related games is a bit different in that you receive a daily paycheck, rather than points for each time you play. You don't receive Gotchi Points for school games at all, although you do receive Skill Points.

* When you get a fortune cookie (star) in the post that gives you three stars in "money," (the point bag icon) a perfect game will win you 500 Gotchi Points instead of 400. You will also get 6 skill points points for a full win instead of 5.

Note: I've been working on this for a little while, but waiting to collect the information on final scores, skill areas and number of rounds played. Please let me know if there are any inaccuracies, and I'll fix it.

Thank you, Spudi, for all the help with research!
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V4.5 Game Guide

Hello! ^_^ I just got a teen on my 4.5, meaning I have all the games. I have now decided to make a game guide.

CLIMB - Press (B) when the time is right to jump onto the next cloud. One wrong move and - plop! Down you go. At around 7 clouds reached, it will speed up a bit. You see the tiniest clouds starting at 14 clouds jumped, 24 clouds is when it goes superfast; I recommend jumping immediately after you reach a cloud. Note: The cloud will keep moving back and forth until you jump on it, so feel free to take your time, on the faster levels. You finish at 30. (Gives 6 in any ( ) skill for a perfect game)

TUG-OF-WAR - This is kinda like Bump. You face a Tamagotchi character and then the rope is released between both tamas. Press (B) to set the meter on the left, and then the right power meter will stop. Note: You want to click B when the meter is full. Continuously press (B) to gain extra power and overcome your opponent. There are 6 rounds. (Gives 6 in any ( ) skill for a perfect game)

APPLE - A continuation of Get. When an apple gets closer, press the corresponding button to catch the apple. The basket will return to the middle after one is caught, so you will have to put it back out again. The game is finished after you catch 50 apples from the tree. (Gives 8 Funny () skills for perfect game)

SHAPES - Nothing like Shape from V4. There are three shapes at the top, and three shapes at the bottom. Press the corresponding button to switch the shapes at the bottom to catch the falling ones. Note: You change the shapes by swapping them, which is done by pressing two buttons at a time. One mistake, and it's game over. Get them into the categories to earn points. The game ends at 30. (Gives 8 Gorgeous () skills for perfect game)

MANHOLE - This is a funny one. Close the manholes at the correct time to catch the GP bags (3pts) and hearts(2pts). Make sure if a serpent is coming down that the corresponding manhole is left open. Note: You want to close the manhole when a heart or bag of GP is about halfway down the screen, on the way down. It stops at 100. (Gives 8 Spiritual () skills for a perfect game)


Climb - 0p at 0-4, 50p at 5-10, 100p at 10-15, 200p at 15-20, 250p at 20/21, 300p at 22-29 and 400p/500p at 30.

Tug-of-War - 0p at Round1, 50p/100p at Round2 (depends on round length), 200p at Round3, 250 at Round4, 300p at Round5, and 400p/500p at Round6.

Apple - 0p at 0-5, 50p at 5-10, 100p at 10-20, 200p at 20-25, 250p at 25-30, 300p at 30-49, and 400p/500p at 50.

Shape - 0p at 0-4, 50p at 5-10, 100p at 10-15, 200p at 15-20, 250p at 20/21, 300p at 22-29 and 400p/500p at 30.

Manhole - 0p at 0-10, 50p at 10-20, 100p at 20-30, 200p at 30-40, 250p at 40-50, 300p at 50-99, and 400p/500p at 100.

Hope this little guide really helped!

Blue notes added by Cyann. :)