V3 Souvenirs From Tamatown

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This is a list of all the V3 TamaTown souvenirs and where they can be found. This information was initially complied in this topic

1) Passport After entering username at tamatown
2) Key From the Town Hall
3) Special Key From Town Hall
4) City Map From Town Hall
5) Text Book Playing TamaWordSearch in the school
6) Computer Playing typing game in the school
7) Medal Playing the Clean Up game in the school
8) Cellphone After visiting your parents
9) BMX bicycle After visiting your grandparents
10) Skis From trip to Switzerland
11) Palm tree From trip to Hawaii
12) Surfboard From trip to Australia
13) Panda From trip to China
14) Maraccas From trip to Chile
15) Ring From donation 5000+ pts to King
16) Cape From donation 12000+ pts to King
17) Crown From donation 30000+ pts to King
18) Skateboard Playing arcade games
19) Balloon Playing arcade games
20) Baseball cap Playing arcade games
21) Teddy bear Playing arcade games
22) Golden Tamagotchi Collecting the 10 items
23) Rare CD Playing What Thats Tune in Tama Beat
24) Rare shoes Playing Tama Says in Tamagotchi Forever
25) Poster #1 Watching The Final Race movie in the theatre
26) Poster#2 Watching the movie Androtchi's Birthday in the theatre
27) Poster #3 Watching the movie Hide and Seek in the theatre
28) Bandai ribbon Playing car game in Lucky Tama Toys
29) Microphone Making Own Tama Tune in Tama Beat
30) Luggage Playing packing game in TamagotchiForever
31) Trophy Winning tghe racing car game in the Arcade
*32) Famous Portrait Occasionally received after more than 3 visits to the grandparents

*NOTE - at this stage - people have received the password for the famous picture, but upon entering it into their tama - they have instead received a fishing pole.

Where to find the 10 items to get the Golden Tamagotchi
1.Football in Lucky Tama Toys
2.Banjo in Tama Beat
3.Sweater in Tama-Forever
4.Necklace in Tama Forever
5.Slippers in Tama Forever
6.Neck-Tie on the Teacher
7.Paint Brush-Left side of classroom
9.Basket on shop Counter
10. Hat in Chile Poster.

Then go back to Lucky TamaToys and Click on the Golden Tamagotchi Poster.