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Here are links to useful V3 topics in Tamagotchi Rresources for anyone needing V3 information. Thanks spudilike for compiling all this information ;)

V3 Character and Growth Charts:

V3 Character charts

V3 Growth Chart

V3 Character information chart

V3 Items charts, Meals and Snack Charts etc:

V3 Item chart

V3 Meals and snacks chart

Dates for special items in the shop V2 & V3

V3 Shop Codes:

Shop codes including V3

V3 Passwords, Souvenirs, TamaTown information:

V3 Password record chart for TamaTown

V3 Souvenirs from Tamatown

V3 Travel, king, parents

Souvenir and Password FAQ's

V3 Miscellaneous information:

Animation FAQ's

Matchmaker FAQ's

General FAQ's for V2 & V3

V3 Instructions