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Tamagotchi V2/V3 Character Charts/Growth Charts/Food Like-Dislike Charts
Frequently asked Questions

I don’t know which character my tamagotchi is. How can I find out its name?
You can look up your characters name on a Character Chart.
The chart will show you pictures of all the characters for your version.
It will also tell you at which stage of development they are- baby, toddler, teen or adult.

These are the character charts from Rivenns Tamadex which shows the characters in cartoon form and also in pixellated form as you would see on your tama screen with their names.

I’ve found out my characters name but a different place says it’s called something else. Why is that?

Some characters have more than one frequently used name.
Puroperatchi = Propelloritchi
Hatenatchi =Waletchi
Yufotchi= UFOtchi

In most cases it’s because the first Japanese part of the name has been translated into English with the ‘tchi’ ending staying in place.


So What is a Growth Chart? How can a growth chart help me?
Teenager and adult characters only appear in either odd generations, i.e. 1,3,5,7,9 etc. or in even generations 2,4,6,8,10 etc. This is so you don’t always get the same characters twice in a row.

A growth chart is made by recording the growth logs of hundreds of tamagotchi owners. It tries to show, in picture form which character is likely to evolve into which character.

Here are the growth charts made by –Ra-.

Version 2 http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=1605
Version 3 http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=2741

It will give you an idea about which character you are likely to get from an odd or even generation. However, the growth charts are not set in concrete and although we know for sure which teens and adults are odd and even generations, it is possible that you may get a growth combination that has not been recorded before- so don’t be alarmed if your ‘evolution’ is not on the chart.

What’s a Food Like/Dislike Food Chart For?

Each Tamagotchi Character has a particular item of food that it will either LIKE or DISLIKE.
With a Version 2 it will always be a shop bought item stored in the ‘TREAT’ Menu. In Version 3 it could be an item bought from the shop or by a password code from Tamatown and will either be a MEAL or a SNACK.

My tamagotchi will eat anything. What’s so special about a favourite food?
Hopefully by looking on the charts you will be able to see what it’s favourite is and look out for that item in your shop. After your Tama has eaten the item it will jump up in the air turn a circle, the fanfare will play, the sun will shine, and it will fill up any empty happiness hearts.

What will happen to my Tama if I feed it the food it dislikes?

After it has eaten the item it will make an unhappy beep sound and look mad. It will also lose all of its happiness hearts.

My Tama likes steak. Why doesn’t it say that on the chart?
Steak is an expensive item only bought by the shop code. All Tama characters like steak and react to in the same way as their favourite item.

I gave my friend’s Tama it’s favourite food as a present and it didn’t fill any happiness hearts. Why?
Giving food as a present still pleases/upsets a Tama, but it will not make it gain/lose hearts.

Link to version 2 Likes/Dislikes chart
http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/8600 ... es33vt.png

Link to Version 3 Likes/Dislikes chart.
http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g224/ ... _chart.gif

Link to Version 2 Shop Items Chart (this has all items not just food)

Link to Version 3 Shop/Souvenir Items chart

There is also a chart for Version 3 that will tell you which foods are meals and which foods are snacks, where you can buy them, and their price.

Link to meals/snacks chart.

http://vpets.org/images/TamaZone/Freque ... ks29nt.png

Tama-Zone Top Tip:

Print out each chart and keep them together in a file. That way you will always have the information you need readily available as you get each new character, rather than needing to search the forums for your answers.