Uratama Item Charts

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These charts have been scanned by Skillful Abbot and have been taken from his Uratama Master Thread (official)
Thanks Skillful Abbot for letting us use them :)

Items List [click on each thumbnail to see larger images] NOTE: Scanning, editing in Photoshop, labeling and uploading was very hard and time consuming...after a while I began to confuse each page so the labeling here may be a little funny towards the end. Sorry]

Cooking ingredients

cooking ingredients, cooking products

Cooking products

Cooking products, Guts Up

Guts Up

Guts Up and Uratown Special Items

Special Uratown Items, School Items, Work Items

Foods, Snacks, Present Exchange Items

Exhange Items, Happiness Items, Expensive/High Quality Items, Travels

High Quality, Travel Items