Updated Rules: Support for Invisionfree Forums

Gotchi pal
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Gotchi pal
Tama Zone Superstars
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7:58 PM - Dec 20, 2007 #1

Please make note of this information before posting on Tama zone.
Tama zone IS NOT here to help you with your forum. Meaning, please do not post questions along the lines of:
  • Asking how forums are made
  • How to create forum skins
  • The functions of the Admin CP or the Mod CP
  • Asking for any codes for your site
Or anything at all that has to do with ANOTHER FORUM. Please note that we are a forum that assists you with your Tamagotchis. If you have any Invisionfree related questions, please ask them here.

Please feel free to ask any questions involving functions here on Tama zone. Such as applying pictures to posts, or questions of things that are happening here. Also, feel free to ask questions if you noticed a problem with the board. If you have a Tamagotchi related question, please start a new topic here.
Also, all of the board rules are required to read, but please pay close attention to rule 4 for this matter.
4) Do not create topics / create posts / send messages through the PM system containing links to personal forums or websites for the purpose of advertising. Advertising is not allowed.
Thank you! :)