Updated Rules: Site Advertising

Tama Zone Immortals
Tama Zone Immortals
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1:50 AM - Jul 01, 2006 #1

Please note - our rules have been updated.

Advertising of sites in threads is no longer allowed on TamaZone.

Members are allowed to put a link in their signature to their site if they wish, and links to sites giving useful information relevant to the topic are allowed.

DO NOT post new threads advertising your or anyone's elses sites - the link will be removed, the topic closed and repeat offenders will be warned/suspended or possibly banned.

DO NOT post in any topic purely for the purpose of having your signature displayed - if you have nothing of importance to add to a topic, don't post in it.

Advertising of sites through the PM system is also not allowed.

Members who join for the purpose of promoting their own or other's websites will be moved to a new Restricted Member user group - and will not be able to use the PM system or start new topics. They will be able to still post in existing topics.