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on a side note, I've also put batteries into my V4 again to see how high I can get the skill points, but now that TamaTown is down and I don't have unlimited access to skill points boosting food anymore, it became too much of a struggle :/
I guess.
I might abort this "project"...? *sigh*

EDIT: gah, new page! There's another new post (like, from literally yesterday) on page 5! @ ppl who might've missed it

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Ok so this is more of a backlog bc for some reason I couldn't post for a while?
It seems to have to do with the site being hosted by TapaTalk now; the url in the address bar has to be for me to be able to post - it won't work when it's anymore.

Anyway, let's get down to business:

August 23rd 2018

I got Bokuhoshitchi and later Gozarutchi in my 9th generation.

When I married him off to an adorable little Shigurehimetchi (after obtaining all of his happy symbols) they had a little boy together.

... which makes boys for 8 out of 9 generations now x_X
I mean, I'm still far from having had all male adults yet but. Some girls would be nice for a change?

Anyway, I decided to take out the batteries for now.
I might pop them back in once that old irDA phone I ordered arrives (the old USB dongle for my PC doesn't seem to work under Win8 anymore, even though the computer tells me otherwise) to play around with some of the downloads but. We'll see.

I kind of got used to taking a tamagotchi with me to work on slow days, so I woke up Keks again.

He's such a nice low-maintenance guy to keep around and I'm looking forward to him evolving to Nonbiritchi, since I never had that chara before :3

I mentioned in a previous post that I ordered  some new tamas and the first of them has finally arrived!

So Cute! I always forget how tiny vintage tamas are until I hold them in my hands X3

My small screwdriver broke tho so I couldn't start it up yet. I ordered one that fits Japanese sized screws as a replacement that had people on amazon mention in their reviews that it's ideal for vintage tamas.

There are three more tamas on their way which I'll possibly show you, too, as soon as they arrive :3

So cya then!


August 25th 2018

Keks evolved! First into Kutchipatchi

and a minute or so later into Nonbiritchi

I haven't taken photos of his animations so far but they're adorable - for example when he brushes his teeth it's actually the bird on his head brushing its beak XD

The new screwdriver arrived and I could finally start up my new P2!

The nostalgia!
The P2 was the first actual Bandai tama I used to have in the late 90s, although back then I didn't actually like it much bc the characters didn't look like those in the ads and, imo at that time, less cute. What a fool I've been!

My new P2 is a Japanese one btw, and I enjoy watching the little one feast on onigiri a lot bc onigiri is objectively awesome! >:3

The sound chip is a bit broken tho, so the beeps sound somewhat... strangled. But oh well.

On a side note, I so prefer the game on the P2 to the one on the P1, bc it's not just a chance thing if you win or lose. Which makes it feel more like an actual game... but also prevents you from just absentminedly pressing the same button again and again while watching tv, so I guess there are pros and cons to everything XD

Here the little one is after they grew up to ConTonMarutchi:

(what a little weirdo)

Btw I'm so used to the modern tamas by now that I keep getting confused about the stats not being the first icon and cleaning up not being the third icon ^^' can't tell you how often I've accidentally opened the game when I wanted to flush away their poop instead.

I also just realized the batteries I use might not be as full as I thought - my little buddy is quite transparent if I look at them at a normal angle. Oops? Well, we'll see how long they'll hold out.

Look what also came in the mail!

I've seen so many pictures and videos of nanos already but none of those really prepared me for just HOW TINY THEY ARE!? :O :O :O

what an adorable baby egg he is

So. If I understood that correctly. You have to repeatedly let him die on purpose to get all the characters? XD' I'm gonna do my best lol


September 2nd 2018

While I'm typing this, TamaZone is still buggy for me, still not letting me post or even send messages to the admins ;_; which is kind of a bummer bc logging about my tamas is like, 50% of the whole fun when I'm running them tbh.


I mean, by the time you guys are reading this, IF you're ever reading this, the issue will be resolved, so there's not much use to whining about it I guess BUT I AM WHINING ANYWAY BC THIS IS FRUSTRATING!! DX

*cough* ok, back to my tamas

Keks became father of an adorable little girl I called Sally, who evolved into Mohitamatchi after he left her.
And then I took out the batteries because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


... I revived Joe's kid whom I apparently named Hiiro.

And the little one promptly evolved into Kutchitamatchi.
I think I'm gonna keep him around at least until my new tamas arrive. Whenever that will be. Probably a week or two from now. We'll see.

My P2 evolved into Tongaritchi and I was all like "yuss, who's the best tamagotchi caregiver? me. it's me >:3"

and then I slacked off and now I have this:

uhm, oops?

Took the battery out of this one, too, since they were already pretty weak to begin with and I'm also out of town for the next couple of days bc work. But it was a neat run, despite the outcome!


Popped some batteries into my iDL to test out the irDA phone I ordered (a Sony Ericsson k220i) and...

... my computer doesn't recognize it when I plug it in via USB. Peachy. So far the only way I managed to transfer iDL stuff onto it is uploading it to the web and then downloading it by visiting the image url in the phone's internet browser. Which only works... occasionally.
But occasionally > not at all, I guess? *tries to be positive*

Maybe I do need to get an extra SIM card (like, prepaid or whatever) for that stupid thing after all so I can send stuff via MMS to myself <_< idk.
But at least the connection between phone and iDL works, so I guess I'm at least one step closer to being able to casually transfer download items like everyone else? ... Ugh. Why can't things just be easy...

I might give it a try on one of the computers on work at some point or the other, too. Maybe.


PS from September 11th: new stuff arrived! But since I was so bummed out about not being able to post here I didn't really take notes so far, but I'll try to give a recap in my next post!

Until then! :D
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Look what I got!

When I looked through the kind of m!x tamas that are out there and discovered there's one with Sanrio chracters, I knew it had to be that one!

I'm so jealous of this adorable bedroom:

I forgot to take a photo of the teen stage (which was Mokokotchi), before I ended up with Mametchi a mere two days after hatching that first egg.
I initially wanted to pair him up with the girl from the Twin Stars, but Watawatatchi called dibs on him and he seemed to like her, too, so off they went to marry and procreate!

I was offered Kimewatatchi as name for the little one when he hatched and just ran with that.

Btw I rly like that the parents stick around for the baby stage and there are little family animations X3
But tamas nowadays grow up super fast, so it didn't take long for my little boy to become an adult:

Love how he had a little pastel goth phase as a teen and still feels comfy and confident in dresses as an adult :3

My plan so far is to pair him up with Hello Kitty and according to the oracle and her entry in his friends list, I think I might succeed >:3
All in all I like the m!x so far, but I would like it a great deal more if it wasn't near impossible to fill out the happy bar just playing "normally".
In my first gen I only got it full by subjecting my boy to several tummy aches and holes in his teeth by force-feeding him snacks and now, in my 2nd gen, the happy bar is stuck on turquoise entirely and won't fill up any further no matter what I do :/ I hope that's either by design for some odd reason or resolves itself with the next gen!

What else, what else...

I've recently felt like starting up my TamaGo again? So I might do that soonish. And I ordered some figurines for it (which I never did back when they originally came out).
Also I won a used P's on eBay, but that one still has to arrive. It lacks the little rubber heart thingie, so I ordered a bag of little plugs and might glue something cute onto them? We'll see!
Either way, I'm looking forward to finally updating my collection photo in the start post, as soon as everything I ordered finally arrived :D

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Ok so first of all I found out that apparently it's normal fo the happy bar to be stuck at turquoise!
At least while the tama is still a kid/teen. PHEW!

Anyway, here's my 3rd generation boy in all his life stages:

As you can see, everything went according to keikaku plan.
It still does kinda. Mess. With my brain that you can just marry ur tama to Sanrio characters and they. Mate. And if ur tama is a boy that suggests the Sanrio chara has laid an egg. And here I was thinking Hello Kitty was a mammal.
Watch me freak out over this all over again when I go for the Twin Star girl as mate in either this or a future gen! :D

Oh, and my boy's name, you ask?

(no idk how to pronounce that either lol)

SoooOOOO since Gudetama doesn't have an assigned gender I decided to try and see if that means they can mate with any tama, regardless of gender and lo and behold:

Let's see how it goes from there!

Switched out the faceplate for something new and shiny (which means the banner here isn't up to date anymore but *shrug emoji*) and woke up Percy's daughter, who soon evolved to an adorable little Belltchi

Idk, as shiny and fancy as color tamas are, there's just something to displays that don't turn off and allow you to keep an eye on the little one without having to press any button. It's just. relaxing.

I think I'm gonna try and aim for a bad care character, maybe Kunoitchi who I never had outside the V5 so far :3

PS: I might or might not have finally ordered an Akai after years of making heart eyes at those X3
On another note, my P's still hasn't arrived (I ordered it in late August) and I'm beginning to worry it's stuck in customs or has been returned for whatever reason :/

PPS: I forgot tracking was a thing and turns out

D: D: D: What do you mean, unsuccessful delivery? There wasn't any attempt at one!

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A girl! Finally!

Her name is Watatama☼tchi and She Is Adorable!

Aside from the flowers and whiskers she does look a lot like Belltchi, doesn't she?

Btw I heard the upcoming Tamagotchi Meets will be able to connect with the m!x? Hope that's true, so I can use the one I plan to get to unlock Mermaid Palace ^^

Anyway, here are all her life stages:

Over the last generations I always forgot to use the accessories on the adults before marrying them off, so this time I tried to do better. But none of them really suited her bc of the big bow on her head :/

She married Yotsubatchi and they had a little boy together and then I took out the batteries for now.

OH! And the saleslady at the park sold me what looked like a ninja scroll? Which I assume is an item you can otherwise only buy in Gozaru Village? So maybe, just MAYBE, she might also one day offer me the conch shell from Mermaid Palace? She refuses to be fooled by me messing around with the clock to see her more often tho, so it might take quite a while and A LOT of luck.

Back when I got my TamaGo I ttly missed the memo that I could connect it with my V5 so I decided to catch up on that

They went bowling and to karaoke and seem to have had fun :3

Btw I realize I never gave my TamaGo girl a name... hmmm... idk, Shelly?
I think that fits her quite well, given her recent spurt:

She's so cute

I'm almost sorry for how much I'm neglecting her to get Kunoitchi but alas, that's the Tamagotchi life!

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I got Ringotchi :/

Bummer enough that I took out the batteries for now (at least until the figurines I ordered will arrive) and instead I'm running my V4.5 again, so it can catch up to the V4 generation-wise and the family tree in the start post finally looks nice again :P