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How do you get twins on a Connection/Connexion V1/V2/V3?
You cannot. The only times you can have two Tamagotchi characters on your Tamagotchi Connection/Connexion at the same time are (1) in the case of a parent and child, and (2) temporarily such as when connecting, or playing a game.

Some people say that a Connection/Connexion can get twins. However, further investigation reveals that what they are talking about are the two babies that are produced when two Tamagotchis mate. The problem with this is that within a few seconds of their birth, one of the babies flies off to live with the other parent.

There is a password from the Nintendo DS game "Tamagotchi Corner Shop", which when entered into a Connection/Connexion V3 will give you what some people call a twin. In reality, the password ( 32479 91490 ) gives you an item labeled "!!", which can be used by an adult Tamagotchi character to summon a clone of itself. Your Tamagotchi character and its clone will then dance together for a few seconds before the clone disappears.

Can you get twins on any other type of Tamagotchi?
The only verified case of twins is the Futagotenshi character on the Angelgotchi / Tamagotchi Angel. There are no twins for any other version of Tamagotchi.

Why are there so many rumours about twins? Where has this come from?
It has been rumored for almost 10 years now, that it's possible to get two eggs at the same time on one Tamagotchi, and raise them together. Apparently, through ROM Testing on some of the original Tamagotchis (from 10 years ago), it was possible to make two eggs appear on the screen. However, these did not behave as independent characters.

There are a few photos of twins that keep circulating. These are either of the original Tamagotchis that have been ROM Tested, or they are faked photos.

So if someone says they have twins, it is not likely to be true?
If twins really did exist, proof of their existence would not be so elusive. If I had twins, I'd be taking photos of them doing all kinds of different activities, eating, playing, sleeping, even using the toilet, and posting these all over the place. Wouldn't you? So if someone out there has had twins, why can't we find these photos? Answer: except for Angelgotchi, twins are a myth.