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These all require you to collect a password from your Tama-toy and input the password into TamaTown.
We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to keep a notebook to write all your codes in, as passwords generated by your toy are username specific. If you lose your password it will not be possible to retrieve it. Also make sure you write your ‘5’s and ‘6’s down correctly as they look very similar on your tama screen.

1.Travel FAQs:

How do I buy travel tickets for my Tamagotchi?

Travel tickets appear randomly in your shop. Once you've purchased a travel ticket, it will appear in your items list. The shop restock times are midnight, 3pm and 7pm, be sure to keep rechecking to see if the tickets appear. If tickets are not appearing in your shop, you can try restocking your shop by changing the time to 2.59pm or 6.59pm, waiting a minute and then rechecking the shop.

How many tickets are there? Where can I go?

There are 5 different destinations.

What do the travel tickets look like and how much do they cost?

The tickets actually look like flags. Cyann has made a chart showing the tickets and their prices:

Thanks for the chart cyann!

Details of the souvenirs and their numbers are in the FAQ topic- ‘Souvenirs and Passwords’.

I've bought a travel ticket, but I can't use it! Why not?

Your tamagotchi character must be an adult to be able to use the ticket.

My tamagotchi is an adult and I have a ticket in my items list. What happens now?
When you use the travel ticket, your tamagotchi character will go on a plane trip. The away sign will appear on your screen for a few seconds and then your tama will come back. Once it has returned, you will be given a password. WRITE IT DOWN. This password is then entered at the Travel Agency on You will then visit that destination and receive a password for a travel souvenir from there.


2.Donating and Visiting the King FAQs:

How can I visit the Tamagotchi King?

In order to visit the King - you must make at least three individual donations, totalling a minimum of 5000 "Gotchi" points to receive a password to visit him. When the password appears on your tama screen WRITE IT DOWN – you will need it to enter the Kings palace on Tama-Town. The King will then give you a password for a souvenir. Continue to make donations often to earn up to two more visits with him! You will receive passwords once you have donated 5000, 12,000 and 30,000 GPs.
Details of the souvenirs and their numbers are in the FAQ topic- ‘Souvenirs and Passwords’.

What is the Royal Costume?

The Royal Costume is a re-useable item that you receive once you have made the 30,000GP donation to the King, and have received the 3 different souvenirs from him.

How do I use the password that is given to me when I use the
Royal Costume? What is it for?

The password is for use with the Tamagotchi Corner Shop Nintendo DS game and cannot be used on your V3 Tamagotchi toy.


3.Parent/Grandparent FAQs

How do I visit my parent or grandparent?

If your Tamagotchi is currently in the 2nd Generation or higher, you can view and meet your "parents" (2nd generation) and grandparents (3rd generation). Find your Parent by selecting the book icon at the bottom of your tama screen. Use button A to find ‘FAMILY’ then select ‘PARENT’. The 1st picture will be of the parent press B several times to see their details and you will then be given a password- WRITE IT DOWN. You will find your grandparent 2nd in the list by pressing button A and following the same procedure as for your parent. After obtaining a password from your tamagotchi, go the "Parents" or "Grandparents" home at and enter it there. Your parent/Grandparent will then give you a password to enter into your toy.

Why can I no longer view my parents on Tamatown?

You can view your parents on TamaTown for up to 3 different visits.

Why have my parents disappeared off my Parent list?

You can only access details of your Parent and Grandparent (if you have one). You may still have a picture of 1 Great-Grandparent but you will no longer be able to access their details. Only 3 previous generations are stored in the ‘PARENT’ file. However if you have a previous code from an older generation written down in a notebook you may still be able to use it to visit if you haven’t already visited too many times.

My Parent List isn't Working Properly. It missed out a Parent. Why?
Known Glitch

There have been many reports from reliable sources that the parent list seems to have a glitch. Sometimes a parent will disappear when it's not supposed to. Sometimes a Parent shows up- when it wasn't the parent. Sometimes a Parent disappears, when it should have become a Grandparent. We don't know why. All we know is that it happens and there is nothing we can do about it. It usually sorts itself out after a couple more generations have passed. It's annoying, but it's not your fault and it was nothing you did that caused it.
*EDIT* (info added 18thSep 06) If you delete a friend from your friends list who was a parent of your character, your own parent(it's partner) will disappear from your parent list. Tested and proved true by Spudilike. So make sure you don't delete friends who were partners of any of your tama's for at least 3 gens.

What is History for?

History is where the details of any of your Tama’s that have died are stored. So if you have been looking after your Tama well and never had a character pass-away it will be inaccessible!


Miscellaneous TamaTown FAQs

Why does it say on my computer that certain areas, such as the Town Hall, are COMING SOON - when other people are able to access them on TamaTown?.

Certain areas - especially the more recently opened areas like The Town Hall - can only be viewed on the High Bandwith version of Tamagotchi Town. There are also different versions of Tama-Town to access which may be at different stages of development they are:

The most up to date version is, but all three versions work the same and can be used with any connection/connexion to gain codes.

For any questions about TamaTown that have not been answered here please check in the official TamaTown Frequently asked Questions.