TMGC+C Hexagontchi

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I'm thinking about getting the Hexagontchi as opposed to the Tamagotchi Plus Color because of some of the extra characters (namely Mimitchi :mimitchi: ). I really like how realistic these two color Tamagotchis seem to be. However, I am wondering, are the happy items and signs the only differences on the Hexagontchi/Tamagotchi Plus Color? I'm wanting to know that if the Aging Box (Tamate Bako) for Flowertchi and Young Mametchi(?) is attainable, and if it is possible for your trees to sometimes grow poop/bugs in place of items using mystery seeds as well on the Hexagontchi ( I find this feature quite funny!). Also, I noticed that the telescope item is available. Are you able to see a shooting star/rainbow on the Hexagontchi like the original TMGC+C?

I've looked around for information on this, and have seen pictures of the Aging Box and trees etc. But they were taken on the Tamagotchi Plus Color. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on the Hexagontchi...

Any help would be appreciated :D