The Incredibly Basic Guide to Tamagotchi's!

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A basic guide to using most Tamagotchi pets
by OsuMesu21
Here is a basic guide on how all Tamagotchi pets work, for those who are brand new to the Tamagotchi world, or pulled the tab from their virtual pet and are entirely lost.


All Tamagotchi pets come with 4 buttons, with 3 buttons on the front, and 1 smaller one on the back.
All Tamagotchi pets also come with a screen.

Let's go over the buttons!

Button A (the one on the left)
This is your "Scrolling" button. You use this button to scroll through the icons on the screen, or options (we'll get to that in a bit).

Button B (the middle one)
This is your "Select" button. You use this to select an icon or option. If no icons are selected, you also can switch over to see the clock (we'll go over that in a bit).

Button C (the one on the right)
This is your "Cancel" button. You use this to cancel out of things.

Reset Button (the tiny thing on the back of the Tama)
This is your "Reset" button. You have to use something narrow to press it, like a pencil or pen (nothing too sharp though, please). This starts your Tamagotchi over. Plain and simple.

Let's go over the screen!

On a Tamagotchi, there are icons on the top and bottom of the screen. There are usually 10 icons, with 5 on top, and 5 on the bottom. When scrolling through icons using (A), you begin on the top-left icon, scroll through the whole row, move to the second row starting at the left, and down that row.

In the middle of the screen, you will see your Tamagotchi character, or whatever is currently going on with your virtual pet.

What do the icons do, and how do I use them?

There are lots of different icons on many Tamagotchi pets, but there are usually 7 icons that are the same on ALL Tamagotchi pets. They also happen to be the most important. Let's go over them.

Health Icon - This appears as a scale on almost every Tamagotchi pet in history. It's usually THE FIRST ICON. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it. This icon just so happens to be THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT ICON EVER.

With this icon, you are able to check the most important things about your Tamagotchi:

~Hungry - Represented by hearts. Full hearts are good, and empty white ones are bad.
~Happy - Again, represented by hearts. Full hearts are good, and empty white ones are bad.
~Age - How old your Tamagotchi is (1 day = 1 Tama year)
~Weight - How much your Tamagotchi weighs. Measured in Grams (g) or Pounds (lb).

There are usually more options, especially on more recent versions, but we're not going over those. To scroll through what you can see in the Health Meter, press either A or B. Press C to cancel out.

Feading Icon - This usually appears as a smiling face with a chef hat. It's usually the SECOND icon. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it.

You will now see (at least) 2 options. The first option is Meal, and the second is Snack. There is an arrow pointing to them. Press A to move the arrow between them, and B to select one.

For some versions, your Tamagotchi will instantly eat some food. For most versions, however, you will be able to choose what food you want to feed. Press A to scroll through foods, and B to pick one.

TADA! You fed your Tamagotchi, and kept it from dying.

A Meal usually fills 1 empty HUNGRY heart in the Health menu, and usually raise weight by 1.
A Snack usually fills 1 empty HAPPY heart, and usually raise weight by 2.

Toilet Icon - This nearly always appears as a toilet. It's usually the THIRD icon. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it.

What do you use this for? Sometimes, your Tamagotchi makes a poop...erm, mess. You use this icon to make it go away.

Games Icon - This nearly always appears as a baseball and bat. It's usually the FOURTH icon. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it.

You use the games to make your Tamagotchi happy, and lose weight. The games are different on every Tamagotchi.

Attention! Icon - This almost ALWAYS appears as two faces stuck together in a peanut-like shape, with one face smiling, and one scowling. It's ALWAYS THE VERY LAST ICON.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ICON EVER, but you CAN'T select it. What does it do? It lights itself up when your Tamagotchi needs something. This icon is the golden key to keeping your Tamagotchi alive, because it uses this to let you know that it needs your attention.

When this lights up, check the Health icon to see what exactly it needs.

Now, if your Tamagotchi has that red bar over the top of it, you will have 2 more icons that you should know about.

Connect Icon - This always appears as a heart. It's usually the FIFTH icon. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it.

You know what the red bar is? It's an infrared device. It sends and recieves signals to other Tamagotchi pets. In this sense, you use it to connect to other Tamagotchi pets.

When you select the icon, you will usually be asked what other Tamagotchi you're connecting to. Scroll through the available options with A and press B when you find your option.

Now you will see "STAND-BY". Put the two Tamagotchi pets close together, and press B again, and the two should connect. Note that the other Tamagotchi must ALSO be at the STAND-BY or CONNECT screen.

Friendslist Icon - This always appears as an open book. It's always the NINTH icon, right before Attention. To get to it, press (A) to scroll, and (B) to select the icon when you see it.

Here, you can view a list of all the other Tamagotchi characters you have connected to. There are also other things you can do there, depending on what version you have. Some examples are viewing parents, Tamagotchi's that died in your care, and other things.

To select, press A to scroll, and B to choose what you want to see.

When you choose Friends, you will be able to see every Tamagotchi you've connected to so far. Press A to scroll through the list, and B to see info about a character. Press B once to see the friend's gender, a second time to see the level of friendship (from a little cold to very close), and a third time to see the name again.

If you press A while viewing the gender or friendship level, you will be asked if you want to delete that character from your friends. You can say yes or no.

Other Icons - There are several other icons too! Here are some of the common ones, which also are important for your Tamagotchi's growth and development, but don't appear on ALL versions.
Medicine - Usually a medical bag. Use this to take care of sicknesses (shown as a big black skull) or toothaches (represented by a tooth, gotten from eating tons of snacks).
Discipline - Usually a yelling Pac-Man kinda thing. You use this to praise your Tamagotchi (when it gets depressed and begins to cry), or scold it when it does something bad (like yelling, or calling for you with Attention but not needing anything at all).
Lights - Usually a lamp. Use this to turn off your Tamagotchi's lights when it goes to bed.

Now, let's learn all about the clock!

Every Tamagotchi has its own built-in digital clock. You set it the moment you decide to start it up.

To view the clock, make sure no icons are selected, and press B. The screen should switch over to the clock.

The middle of the screen shows the current time, which can be in Military or Standard AM/PM time (press A to switch between them). It shows hours, minutes, and seconds.

At the top of the screen, on all the new Tamagotchi pets, it will show the month and day. For American and Japanese versions, it will be in MM/DD format. On European versions, it will be in DD/MM format.

Want to change the time? Press A and C together, and the screen will go into SET mode. First you change the day and month (again, varies between versions), and then the hour, and minutes. Press A to scroll through the numbers, and B to select the number you want and move on to the next one. Press C to go back.

After you finish changing the minutes, the clock will start again, starting at 0 seconds.

Basic Startup Instructions

Here's how to start your Tamagotchi for the very first time!

Step 1 - Remove the plastic tab from the side of your Tamagotchi. You will hear a long beep, and an egg will appear.
Step 2 - Press B, and the clock will appear in SET mode. Using the instructions above, set the current time.
Step 3 - On current versions, the Tamagotchi will ask you to set your birthday. Like setting the date on the clock, press A to scroll through numbers, and B to move on.
--Some versions may also ask you to create a username. Use A to scroll through letters, and B to select. Usernames may be up to 5 letters long.
After that, you have to wait. How long? Most versions today have you only wait one minute. Some much older (1996-97) pets may have you wait for 3 or 5 minutes.

On current versions, you will be told what gender your Tamagotchi is, and be asked to name it. Press A to scroll through letters, and B to select. Names can be up to 5 characters long.

Congradulations, your Tamagotchi is alive! Now go take care of it. ^_^


Q: My Tamagotchi is beeping! Why is it beeping?
A: It needs your attention. The Attention icon is probably lit up. Check the Health.

Q: I want to turn the sound off. Is that possible?
A: Yes, it is. Press A and C together (when no icons are selected) and it should ask if you want the sound on or off.

Q: Why is my Tamagotchi so demanding?
A: It's probably still a BABY. Once it begins to grow (it should take at least an hour before it becomes a Child), it will become less demanding. At very old age, it will need more care.

Q: Why won't my Tamagotchi play any of the games?
A: Maybe it's reached its lowest possible weight. Feed it some food and try again.

Q: Why do I have to take care of a Tamagotchi?
A: Because you chose to start it up. Would you buy yourself a dog and then never feed or walk it? I don't think so.

Q: If I get frustrated, should I smash my Tamagotchi?
A: Absolutely NOT. There are many other things you should consider trying. Like checking over instructions or asking for help. Or selling it.

Q: Why did you create this guide?
A: Because a shocking amount of people are absolutely clueless on how to use a Tamagotchi. I've seen, too often, how people set a clock wrong, or don't think they need to take care of a virtual pet, and then end up getting annoyed by its beeping (crying for help and begging for mercy) and smashing the Tamagotchi to pieces. I've heard of people complaining about them beeping at 7 in the morning...which NONE OF THEM DO. It's frustraing for me. So I made this, to help reduce the lack of Tamagotchi knowledge.

Q: Have you ever not understood how to use a Tamagotchi?
A: As embarassed as I am to admit it, yes. When I was a kid, I didn't know ALL of the basics, so I would always end up with unhealthy adult characters. I got farther than my brothers though, who could kill theirs off while at the baby stages.

Q: Why is this guide so vague about everything?
A: I want this guide to be very universal - able to relate to the majority of Tamagotchi pets. I've included things that are common between the most recent versions, as well as notes about what other versions may have.

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