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These are the Tama Zone Rules - please read them. NOTE: We are hosted by InvisionFree and must also abide by their Terms of Service and their Terms of Use.

1) MEMBERS MUST BE 13 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Within the InvisionFree Terms of Service (TOS) there are Rules of Use (ROU) that clearly state that any person under 13 years of age who wishes to be a member of any InvisionFree site, MUST either fax or post a signed parental permission form (COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) to the forum. We have no FAX or postal address for forms to be sent to, so our members must be 13 years of age or older. If an unauthorized user is found to be less than 13 years of age, their account will be deleted immediately. We must follow this rule or risk our board being deleted.

2) Topic content.
i)Do not post links to websites containing information about, hacking, cracking, credit card fraud, pornography, or any other illegal or immoral websites (nor activities). Doing so will result in you being banned immediately.
ii)Please do not make posts/topics which discuss specific religious or political views.

3) Do not post profanity or inappropriate images. Do not post misspelled versions of filtered words, to get around the filters.

4) Do not create topics / create posts / send messages through the PM system containing links to personal forums or websites for the purpose of advertising. Advertising is not allowed. Members are allowed to put a link in their signature to their sites if they wish, and links to sites giving useful information relevant to the topic are allowed.

5) Do not SPAM--make meaningless posts, posts unrelated to the topic, one-word replies to topics such as "cool," etc. We try very hard here to provide useful information in a friendly environment, and no-one wants to have to sort through hundreds of useless posts/topics to get the information they want. Useless/annoying/pointless topics and posts will be deleted. Members who consistently SPAM will be warned and eventually banned.

6) Do not double / triple post. Use the EDIT button if you need to add extra information to your post. And do not bump your own topics: i.e., do not reply to your own topic with posts like "Please, please, reply to my topic!!" just to make it go to the top of the topic queue.

7) Do not back-seat moderate. Tama Zone has chosen its Staff members carefully, and we ask our members to trust them to handle issues that come up, rather than taking matters into their own hands. If members wish to report a rule violation, they should do so by sending a private message to a Staff member--but only if they think that a member of staff hasn't dealt with it. Attempting to act on behalf of Staff by giving warnings to members in posts is referred to as "back-seat moderating" and is strongly discouraged.

8) If you are answering a question, strive to be courteous and make sure the content of your post is answering the question in which you are trying to answer. Do not answer questions with comments like "I don't know."

9) If you are asking a question, make sure your topic title defines what you need help with specifically and precisely. Make it easier for others to help you.

10) Do not make multiple accounts. On the first occasion, all but one of the user's accounts will be disabled from posting. If a user continues to make multiple accounts, they may face suspension or a ban. In particular, users who make multiple accounts to circumvent disciplinary measures will most certainly be banned.

11) Do not engage in attention seeking behavior such as making topics like "No-one likes me," "I have no friends," etc.

12) Do not post inaccurate / unproven information as though it were fact. This means not posting codes that aren't real or starting rumors. If you don't know it for sure, don't post it! If you think you have discovered something new, test it and provide proof with photos / examples, or you could ask other members of the forum to test your theory first before stating as a fact. Spreading rumours leads to arguments. We do not want that!

13) Do not copy another person's Information. If you have information that you wish to share that you have read on another site / forum, you MUST post a link to the source and give credit to the original topic starter. You cannot copy other people's charts / guides from other forums and post them here as your own work.

14) Do not copy another person's artwork. Do not steal other people's artwork (avatars, signatures, etc.) and re-host it / claim it as your own. This creates arguments and conflict. Permission should be obtained, and credit should be given for someone else's work.

15) Use appropriate avatar and signature graphics.
i) Avatars are limited to 100 pixels square. Avatars can be uploaded directly to Tama Zone, or you may link to an offsite image. Please be sure your avatar conforms to forum rules, and does not contain images that flash or are otherwise irritating to the eyes.
ii) Your forum signature is limited to a total size of 600 pixels wide by 175 pixels high. Any graphics larger than that will be automatically cut off. Please refer to this topic for more details: http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=4728 Additionally, if your signature contains graphics that are so large in file size that they cause problems with the forum, a staff member will step in and delete them.
iii) If your signature or avatar has been removed by Staff, please do not replace it with the same one. Find out what the problem was, and replace it with something more appropriate.

16) Do not join Tama Zone for the purpose of dating. If you are looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, this is not the site for you.

17) Clubs / fan groups are strictly against the rules. By clubs we mean: "Mimitchi Lovers," "Tama Zone Lovers," "iPod Lovers," etc.

18) Most of all, use your common sense when replying, asking, and browsing the forums. Tama Zone is primarily a place where people can learn about and discuss Tamagotchis. We also have areas where people are able to discuss other things, but please do so in a sensible and mature way.

19) Refrain from replying in a topic where the latest post is more than a month old - unless you are posting pertinent information that hasn't already been posted elsewhere.

20) Impersonation or harassment of staff members is strictly forbidden.

Any violations to these rules will result in a warning / suspension / ban, depending on the level of seriousness.

Tama Zone is not responsible for any un-true or illegal information posted on this forum. It is the full responsibility of the member that posted them.

Terms of Service are subject to change at anytime with or without prior notification. It is suggested that you read these frequently to protect yourself while here on these forums.

Thank you,
Tama Zone Admin Staff