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What is it?
When your Tamagotchi V6 grows into an adult, select "Away". You will meet up with your fellow band members, who will be in their teen forms. They will evolve into adults; what they become is random and cannot be controlled by you. Instead of going to Music School you will find yourself in front of three judges; Bill, Big Boss Gotchi and Gulasantchi. You'll be made to perform in front of them.

What happens when I pass?
After your band have performed in front of the judges, they will give either an O or an X. If you get all three O's, Guitartchi will become your new manager and you will receive 10,000 Gotchi. This is called passing "Pro Debut". Your band's star ranking will be displayed as being in the top 5. It will start at 4th place or somewhere there about (I believe it depends on your generation; if you had a first generation at 4th place your 2nd generation will start at 5th place and so on) but I've heard that the more band practise and concerts you perform in it will rise to 1st, Your band will also have over 1 million fans.

What happens when I don't pass?
One X, and your band is turned down and become street musicians. Your Star Ranking will be displayed as 999th place and your band won't have many more than 5,000 fans. I'm afraid it's going to stay that way until you pass. If you don't pass the first time there will be another chance at 2:15, 4:15 and 7:15 pm every day. Keep the following in mind:

How can I pass?
Passing the judges isn't always an easy task, I know. But it is possible! Here are my eight top tips:

1. Practise makes perfect! Practise your instrument EVERY day for at least four hours. Don't forget to praise! - Bill
2. Time for preschool! At child stage, when you enter preschool go at least four times. - Optional
3. Band bonding! At teen stage, when you form your band and enter music school, go every day and have at least six successful sessions. - Gulasantchi
4. Rack up your skills! Make sure your skill points are at least 250 in all categories. You can earn music skills from playing the games, practising your instrument and practising with your band. - Bill
5. See how well you know your stuff! At adult stage, practise with your band at the music studio at least four times every day. - Gulasantchi
6. Don't stress out! Keep your Tamagotchi's stress level low and keep its hearts full. - Bill
7. Experience required! If you got turned down, attract some wandering admirers as street musicians by attending as many concerts as you can. - Gulasantchi
8. Cross your fingers and get lucky! Remember it's not likely that you'll get three O's on your first go. Don't worry, just keep sticking to rules 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. You'll get there eventually!

What do the judges assess?
Your performance, of course! Those guys might not be watching you in your room, but they know whether you've been practising or not!

Bill, the first judge, is easy to please, but also easy to disappoint. He judges you on your Tamagotchi's status; if your Tamagotchi is healthy, happy, stressless and has spent lots of time practising, Bill should give you an O. Bonus points on offer for praising your Tamagotchi when it practises and having 999 points on all three music skills! Mind you, though, ignore your Tamagotchi, let its stress and hunger get sky high and its happiness disappear, do hardly any practise at all or maintain a total of under 750 skill points, then don't be surprised if Bill gives you an X.

Big Boss Gotchi, the second judge is VERY easy to please. 99 cases out of 100, expect an O from him. You won't get an X very often from Big Boss Gotchi, don't worry about that. It's thanks to him you can't get 3 X's, ooh gosh that would suck.

Gulasantchi, the third judge, is the one who gives me a lot of trouble. He's not exactly easy to please; he's easily the strictest of the judges. He judges the relationship of the band; you'll have to throw in a BUNCH of practise to get into this guy's good books. That's right, practise - that's the word - PRACTISE - with your band until your instrument freezes over (which it won't, unless you shut it in the freezer for a week, but why would you do that?) right from the moment you've formed at teen stage. I recommend you have as many music lessons as you can - I say make it about 4-8 per day, that'll do you a WORLD of good. And remember, the more successful sessions the better! Then, when your teen evolves into and adult, get on down to that music studio and get crackin'! I have complete faith in this method. Once again, the more successful sessions, the better. I'd say roughly 4-8 per day. Keep doing this and you should get an O from Gulasantchi. However, if you aren't practising enough with your band you'll get an X from Gulasantchi. Practising at home won't be enough here. Also, if you get turned down, perform in as many concerts as you can. For the third time, the more the better. You'll attract more people with each concert you perform, and it should increase you chance of getting your O.

What are the positive outcomes of passing?

I'd say the most important things of note are that there are these awards you get at your concerts; nothing much happens if you collect all of them but it doesn't mean it's not worth it! Besides, it's the challenge you're up for. There's a reward for each of the eight genres and a 1st place award which is given to you after your concert when you reach 1st place on your Star Ranking! You also get a lot of money and become very rich and very famous! Your concerts will attract gigantic crowds and for all you know, you might just be the talk of Tamagotchi Town!

What are the repercussions of not passing?
Not that many, really, the only consequence of note is that your Star Ranking stays at 999th until you pass and you can't earn any awards. Your street concerts won't attract that many people. But there's always another chance to try and pass!

Good luck passing Pro Debut!
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This is fantastic! I did everything, got all of my skills to 999 and kept the stress at 0. The big thing I did was the "away missions" with the band and nailing those a bunch of times. Anyway, I missed the first audition before the away window repeats but oddly enough when I passed I didn't get 10,000 gotchi points, I got 10,000,000! I have to say, this was more fun, not cheating the points up with codes, bravo on the tips. I've got my 3 year old Memechi at number one and 469,000,000+ fans, crazy! I'll try to put up pics.
I have no idea how to do pics, I'm just a tech nitwit.
Anyway, fun! Thanks!!!