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When start up your Tamagotchi Restaurant, you’ll first need to enter the date and time. Then you will be asked where in Japan you’d like to open up your restaurant.
The selections, in order are:

• Hokkaido
• Tokyo
• Aichi
• Kyoto
• Hiroshima
• Okinawa

After you have promptly selected your location, you will be asked to give your restaurant a name. It will be a selection through the usual Hiragana alphabet, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Once you have done that, you will be ready to receive guests!

The first thing you will notice will be people walking by in the street. This is also where you can always see your restaurant sign. Having the sign out in the street means your restaurant is open for business. During the closed hours, there won’t be a sign in the street. To view the front of your restaurant, press the C button. This area is also where you will be able to display certain items (such as good luck dolls and shamrocks) to bring you luck in drawing in customers. It is also where the stars you will earn your restaurant will be displayed. For instance, in the picture above, you can see 2 stars.

For staff, you will have three. There are Kuchipatchi (in a red suit), Mametchi (in a blue suit with apron and wooden spoon) and Memetchi (with a chef’s hat).

• Kuchipatchi: Chinese food.
• Mametchi: Japanese food.
• Memetchi: Western food.

The restaurant will constantly need one of the three to be in attendance. Placing the chosen figure in the middle of the restaurant will activate some sort of sensor inside, and the unit will recognize which figure it is that has been placed inside and display that chef on the screen above.

Inside the restaurant, you will first notice the cash register. Pressing it will show you how much money you have in it, and it is also what you will need to press to get money from customers you have already served.

Then you will notice the phone on the right. Pressing it will ring up the geisha who runs the food supply store. From her, you can purchase items in 3 categories: Seasonal foods, Region Specific foods and Good Luck items. Once you have selected the item you want, she will come over to your restaurant with your item and then you will be prompted to press the cash register to pay her. Having a full fridge means more ingredients, and happier customers, and most importantly, getting paid more for your dishes. Because even though you might not have a certain ingredient in your fridge (your chef will check the fridge before cooking any meal automatically and make a happy or sad sound accordingly) your chef will still cook it, but the customer will pay less for it.

Then sometimes the phone can ring to alert you to a customer wanting to place a take-out order. And sometimes customers will call in to make reservations. You can either accept their reservations and open up your restaurant at the designated hour, or turn them down. If you accept the reservation but forget to open up on time, the next time you open, you will receive a very angry call from the customer.

The other buttons you will notice are the bottles on the ingredients counter. From left to right, they are:

• Mayonnaise
• Ketchup
• Soy Sauce
• Sugar
• A
• B
• C
• Tabasco Sauce (hot)
• Salt
• Vinegar
• Sauce

These are the ingredients you will need to press when cooking. As the customer orders something and your chef begins to cook, he will call out for certain ingredients over his head. You will need either some basic Japanese knowledge to be able to read them in time to be able to press the correlating ingredients, or have a good memory to be able to recognize the symbols and match them to the ingredients. Each ingredient bottle is labeled, so it won’t be too difficult to match them to the screen.

After your dish is done, the customer will sit down and eat his meal, and then you will need to press the cash register to get paid. Depending on how many stars your restaurant is, and which menu the customer ordered from (special star menus will cost more ingredients, but get you more money as well) you will be paid accordingly.

As for the icons, there are 7 functional icons with the 8th one being the attention one.

First icon is your open and close option. This selection will let you open and close your restaurant each day.

Second icon is the status screen. There are 5 submenus inside.

Popularity: This is the popularity of your restaurant, measured by 8 stars. The more customers you serve and upgrade your restaurant, the more popular you will become

Happiness of Staff: This is the happiness screen measured by 8 stars. Keeping your staff happy is crucial, as they are the backbone of your restaurant. You must have them practice their skills often to keep them happy.

Target Number of People: This is the screen which will show you a number. This is the number of people you will need to serve before your restaurant can receive an upgrade and earn stars. Each time you serve a customer; this counter will go down by one. When you reach 0, you will get your upgrade. The sign out front on the street will get larger, and you will earn a star at the front of your store. You will also get a star menu. Customers who come in can request to order from the star menu, and pay you more than the usual menu’s prices for the more advanced dishes you will prepare. Please note that take-out orders will not count.

Name: This is where the name of your restaurant will be displayed.

Location: This is where the location of your restaurant will be displayed.

Third is the practice screen. This selection will ask you to place any of the chefs inside and have them hone their skills by cooking for themselves. It is very important that you keep your chefs busy, as their happiness depends on it.

Fourth is the game screen. There are 2 games you can choose from. First one is where the master chef will call one of the chefs to step up and he will give them a recipe and ask you to follow it precisely. This game is very tricky, as the recipe is read extremely fast, so if you aren’t able to recognize the ingredients called out that fast, you may find this a hard one to win. Second one is a much simpler game. You are charged with handing out your business cards, but you must avoid the goats and only hand them out to the Androtchis.

Fifth is the customer list screen. This selection will let you view all of the customers whom you have served at your restaurant.

Sixth is the treasure chest. There are 4 submenus inside.

Seasonal Foods: This selection will show you the seasonal foods you have inside your fridge.

Region Specific Foods: This selection will show you the region specific foods you have inside your fridge.

Good Luck Items: This selection will show you the good luck items you have inside your chest.

Cauldron: This is a very interesting feature. You will be asked to mix your own special sauce by mixing in any random ingredient you want. Once the meter to the right fills up, it will then be time to stir up your special sauce. You can do this by pressing the A button. You must come and stir your sauce daily to make it more delicious. Then, every once in a while, a professional taster will come in to your restaurant and ask to taste your sauce. If she likes it, she will reward you with a handsome amount. After she leaves, your cauldron will be emptied, and you can try out another sauce.

Seventh is the map of Japan. This will show you where your restaurant is located. There might be the possibility that with time, you can open up another restaurant in another location, but this isn’t confirmed as of yet.

Eighth is the attention icon.

As a last note, throughout the day, random events can occur. You may get visitors at the door, and when they knock, you must answer the door by pressing B. It could be Mametchi’s family coming to visit him, or Memetchi’s little sister coming to cook with her. Or it could be a friend coming by to drop off a little gift (such as a good luck item).

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