Tamagotchi Friends Launch Hatch

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Tama Zone Greats
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12:24 AM - Dec 27, 2013 #1

This is the hatch (that I kind of forgot about) in which we will hatch ANY English Tamagotchi to commemorate the official launch date of the Tamagotchi Friends in the UK.

The participants are:
~ PerotchiDreamer - Music Star
~ SamJJE101 - English iD L
~ ^-^TamaTamatchi!!!: Tamagotchi Friends, Version 3 or Version 4.5
~ Hilla Lilla: Tamagotchi Friends or V4.5
~ Calyssa: Tamagotchi Friends or US Angel
~ beagee: Tamagotchi Friends or Engilsh iD L
~ WarOmnimon: Tamagotchi Friends or Tama-Go

Not all of them may be able to participate. If you cannot participate, it is fine!

I will hatch up my black and purple fire design Music Star soon but I might not be able to have pictures because I can't find the recharger for my camera. :(

Have fun everyone!

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