Tamagotchi Friends- help with growth chart!!

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http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/188062 ... wth-chart/

Hi! :D
I've had a tamagotchi friends for a while now, maybe a year..? Anyway I just can't seem to get kuchipatchi!! No matter what kind of care I take for the male character, I always get Cosmotchi for the teen, and then Righttchi in adult form! Is anyone able to give me some guidance to get Kuchipatchi or just any other male character?
No matter what weight I have my tamagotchi on, it never seems to make any difference. Even leaving poop on the screen for long periods at a time seems to make zero difference. I've even let hunger and happy hearts drop by different amounts and for different amounts of time also. Not sure what I'm doing wrong :?: :( Pretty please help me!

I've tried following those charts up there but they don't seem to work for me! I've got the Euro version so maybe mine is different?