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We used to have a number of pinned logs at the top of this forum. To save space we have unpinned them all and below you can find links to them.

Please do not pester staff about having your log 'pinned' anymore. If you consistently update your log with clear information in a 'readable' form, we might add it to this list.

Also remember the guidelines about replying to logs- some members do not wish to have comments. Please make sure any comments you do make are necessary, and polite. The question you may wish to ask may be better put in a PM.

Cyann's Tamagotchi Log

Probably one of the most popular tamagotchi logs on the planet! This log has almost 50,000 'hits' and rising! Click the image.

Spudi's Tamagotchi Log

A log crammed with photos of tamagotchi's and characters. Updated regularly. 23,000+ 'hits'. Click the image.

Ra's Dinkie Dino and Tama log

A delightful log, beautifully presented with Ra's unique style of drawn images. With 40,000+ hits, well worth a read. Click the image.

GK1's Tamagotchi Logs

GK1 has some great logs.
Wonderful photographs, and great information.
Click the image below for a link to her EnTama and UraTama log.

GK1's V3 log- click here.

GK1's V2 log click here

Midge's Tamagotchi Log

A well written informative log! A really good read. Click the image.

Tamasooz's Ul-Tama-te Log

A great log with over 8000 'hits'....and daily updates and photographs! Click the image.

Che_rish's Tamagotchi Log

Wonderful log with lots of photos. Click the image.

Tama-Love's V4.5 log

Has some very interesting information on the newly released V4.5.

OsuMesu21's Tamagotchi Logs

OsuMesu's logs are an interesting, informative read, as he posts insights and observations on many different models of Japanese- and English-language Tamagotchis. The highlight of his log is his own creation, the Clover Tamagotchi. It's amazingly well-developed and beautifully planned. It wouldn't surprise us to see OM working for Bandai, or giving them some competition, one day!

Pozhar's (Mostly Digimon) Log of Great Justice, Digital Monsters!

An extremely well presented and well written log of Pozhar's Digimons and Tamagotchis. Well worth a read! Click the image.

DDDTrooper's Tama Log

A regularly updated, popular and informative log, a fantastic read, well worth checking out! Click the banner.

Chaowzee's 'Gotchi Log

A very popular log, nicely presented and updated daily, a brilliant read! Click the banner.

"My Tamagotchi Log" by Tama Fan!!!

A popular log with over 13,000 views and growing! Updated regularly, a great read, well worth a look! Click the banner.

Alakina's Tama Log

An exceptionally well maintained log with tidy, trimmed and informative entries. The clear pictures and the engaging narrative add to the overall enjoyment of the log. Well worth a read! Click the image.

Tamaaddict22's Log

Clear pictures accompanied by flowing narratives, this log has it all! From the smallest details to adventures on Tamatown, it is an absolute joy to read. Click the banner below.

The Breat's Virtual Pet Log

A colorful and clever log embellished with beautifully composed narratives revolving around Breat's advantures with her tamagotchis and much, much more! Click the banner below.

OldSchoolTama's Virtual Pet Log

Colorful, detailed, informative and a joy to read. Beautifully written and resplendent with clear pictures, this log stands out from the crowd! Click the banner below.