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Here is an index to topics in the Tama Resources forum that are related to Japanese-language Tamagotchis.

Entama/Cho Jinsei FAQs, All you need to know to get started.

Tips and Tricks
KeiTama [Japanese Tamagotchi] Passwords, Lots!
E-Tamago Passwords and EnWarehouse, An EnTama and UraTama cheat!
Oden-kun Passwords, for Japanese "Oden-kun" Tamagotchi
V5 Special Passwords & FamiTama DVD Passwords, Get items for free!
V5 & FamiTama passwords for 1000GP, Get 1000GP for free!

Growth and Character Charts
My Osutchi And Mesutchi Growth Chart, Made it myself
Cho Jinsei Enjoy (En-tama) character list!
Entama/Cho Jinsei Character Chart., Easy to see, made for TZ!
Ketai & Ketai Akai Character Charts, By JamesChaplin1 and Leaftchi
Entama and Uratama Growth And Character Charts, Scanned by the Skillful Abbot
Entama Growth Chart, Determine The Character You'll Get!
Uratama & Entama Character Charts, By Binary (in English!)
Keitai & Akai Series Growth Charts, By OM21 for Tama-Zone!

Guides and Instruction Manuals
Entama Crash Guide, Tamagotchi Plus: Chou Jinsei Enjoy
My Entama Toy Accessory, Chou Yakuri Enjoy: Tamagotchi Kakeibo
::my Final Thoughts On The Kakeibo::, a review
Entama/cho Jinsei Guide, Easy to see, made for TZ!
Entama/e-tamago Guide, To get you started.
Tamagotchi Morino Guide..., A guide for Morino owners...
Tamagotchi Cook Book, Guide for EnTama and UraTama
Guide To The Uratama!, To get you started.
Home Deka Tamagotchi, English-language instructions
TamaSuku (School) Online site Guide

Other Reference Charts
Uratama Item Charts, Courtesy of Skillful Abbot
Entama/cho Jinsei Occasions Chart, Please enjoy!
EnTama & UraTama Job Charts, Made by binary.
Tamagotchi Connectability Chart, Can your Tamas connect? Find out!