Signature and Avatar Shop Applications

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Members wishing to open a Signature and Avatar Shop must first post an application in this topic with examples of some of their artwork, along with the rules regarding how their shop will be run. Members are not able to open new topics in this forum, so if an application is approved, the application post will be moved into a new topic and a new shop will then be created.

Please read this topic for general guidelines and rules regarding the running of shops.

Please include in your application:

* Name of proposed signature and avatar shop

* At least 3 different pieces of artwork you have made in a signature or avatar format

* Your rules for requests (such as how many you will take at once, the duration of time a person must wait before making another request, and a reminder that requests must be made by private message)

* Ensure your artwork is sized appropriately. Read #15 in the following link for the appropriate avatar/signature size:

* Keep your work original. A proposed shop that seems to be a duplicate of an existing one will not be approved by the Staff. Re-colored bandai pixels are not considered original art.

* and please remember we are a 13 years and over forum - your artwork should reflect that.

* The above mentioned are required so that the Staff can consider an application.