Rules For Vintage Tamagotchis Forum

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This forum is only for Vintage Tamagotchis
What are Vintage tamas?
Vintage tamas are tamagotchis from the late 90's
These tamas can be found easily on eBay, but they are not released anymore...

These are some Tamagotchi Vintage models:
~Angelgotch/Tamagotchi Angel

These tamagotchis are old tamagotchi models from Bandai. Please don't post information on current tamas such as the Mini, Connections/Connexions, Entamas/Uratamas and other modern Japanese tamagotchis in here.

Please be aware before posting...
Check what your post is about first...
Other post that doesnt relate to this section will be moved to other Aproppriate places...

Also be aware to not post anything useless or pointless in this section, if someone do post useless stuff the topic will be closed/removed!