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11:05 PM - Jan 03, 2007 #1

We have decided to open a new forum on here called Project Zone.

Project Zone is a forum specifically intended for members to work on Tamagotchi Related projects which collect information about Tamagotchis.

It is not a 'fun forum'.

It is meant for research and investigation purposes to collect information that may help members understand their tamagotchi's better.

ALL 'new' topics will be required to meet a few criteria.

1. No repeat topics.
If there is already a topic created by someone else, do not make another one asking for the same information.

2. Be prepared to finish it.

Think your project through. Do not make a topic without deciding if you have the ability to complete it. Is it an achievable goal? Don't make a new topic and expect other people to finish it because you are 'too busy'.

3. If you can't do the work don't make the project: (fictitious example)
I am going to do a topic about *such and such* on V4.
But, I don't have a V4, so I will need everyone to give me the information. I will need someone to do the pixels as I can't draw, and I need someone to make a chart as I don't know how to make one. But don't steal my idea okay?

4. Think about the merit of the project.

Will the end result HELP tamagotchi owners?

5. Do not make up a topic purely to try and get a topic pinned in our resources section.
This is a forum, you have been given this area to collect information, but it doesn't mean that you should be PM'ing members of staff trying to get it pinned. If it merits pinning AFTER it has been completed we may consider it, as long as it is useful information that can be used.

6. Research your idea

Try and include some pre-gathered information in your opening post, telling the other members your plan. If it involves pixels of characters doing certain things- start the project off and include some information you have already to show people what you are looking for. Be prepared to continue collecting the information YOURSELF- do not expect people to just bring everything to you.

7. Give Credit

If other people have helped you out and submitted information be prepared to give them credit too. Don't take all the credit for the work yourself.

*These guidelines may be added to/ changed by staff as and when necessary*