Prohibited topics

Tama Zone Immortals
Tama Zone Immortals
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Our board rules state which type of topics are prohibited, and may result in warns/bans.

2) Topic content.
i)Do not post links to websites containing information about, hacking, cracking, credit card fraud, pornography, or any other illegal or immoral websites. Doing so will result in you being banned immediately.
ii)Please do not make posts/topics which discuss specific religious or political views.

As well as these, there are also a few types of topics that we don't allow, for the purposes of maintaining the maturity of this forum.

1. Stories.

2. Role Play

3. Member initiated competitions.

4. Popularity threads for members.

5. Come to me for answers topics.

Any topic deemed to belong to those categories will be deleted.

This list is subject to change and may be added to.