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Some Guidelines on Posting Questions:
Recently it has come to my attention that many people just ask the same questions people have asked over and over again even though they've already been answered.

New people come here, and the first thing they do is directly post a question they've got w/o looking around first. For example "How do I get a gazorutchi?" or "How do I take the costume off" or "What does a rabbit and an egg mean?" etc etc. It would be very helpful, both to the person asking the question, and the staff repeating themselves by answering the same questions.

Can you guys please be more careful? When you come here with a question in your mind, DON'T just directly post it, do a little RESEARCH first. Look in the RESOURCES section. Look to see if someone's answered this question already, if not, then post it. We now have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) forum - please look in there to see if you can find an answer to your question

Also, I sometimes see someone will post a question in one place, then turn and post the same exact thing in another section. Like if they just didn't ask it already. I mean PLEASE guys, let's not abuse these forums. Be conservative, be wise. I shouldn't have to say all of this. You guys should know these by now.

Furthermore please refrain from over using emoticons/smilies in your posts.
It is distracting, and takes away the point from your posts.
Here's a good example:
:eat:  :eat:  :angry: HI PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I DUNNO WAT MY TAMAS DOIN'!!!!!!!!!! :spam:  :spam:
And look at this one:
Hello, my tama's doing something I don't understand, I'll describe the problem... etc etc... Thank you =)
See? Simple, to the point, and looks decent and easy enough to read.

Finally - please make sure that the title of your topic reflects what is being asked. Topic titles like "Help", "What happened?" give no information as to what is being asked - please be more careful with what the topic title says and it is more likely people will take notice of the topic and answer it.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter,

Please be sure to read our Rules and Guidelines; ignorance is not an excuse!
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Tama Zone Immortals
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Some Guidelines on Answering Questions:
Please read through a topic before replying.
Sometimes a question may have been submitted over a month ago, and has already been answered adequately.
It’s really irritating as a ‘user’ to see there’s a new post and think ‘Great, someone has a new answer’ and then when I read it, they haven’t actually said anything that wasn’t already there!

It doesn’t make you look intelligent by having your name on the board for being the last poster on each topic- it actually makes you look rather silly. And I’m sure it won’t impress the staff –if that is the intention.

If you see a question on the board, that you think you can answer,
Firstly read the date that it was 1st posted, and have a look to see if anyone has posted the same answer that you would give. If the topic starter has already said “Thanks ….so and so… you answered my question” then you don’t really need to post a reply because the original topic starter will not be looking for an answer anymore.

If the date of the last post in the topic is from two or more months previously- DO NOT POST IN IT- that is called 'Bumping', and it will probably end up being locked.

If you think you have some NEW information to add – that’s brilliant- that is what the forum is for. That is what I look for when I read the replies to topics.

But please don’t go storming through the board posting just to try and get your post count up in order to rise through the member ranks quickly. It could be seen as a form of SPAM

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Spudilike.