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Jul 31 2015, 01:05 PM #181

his/her status back when it was still a baby bloop.

what does this bar mean? let me know, please!

after cleansing my face, moisturising and glamorously applying pimple cream all over mah face, i walked out of my room to hear several beeps coming from my living room:



look at that face. you look like my next mistake. LOVES A GAME, WANNA PLAAAAAY?

I do wanna play, so here are the photographs of the gameplay! I didn't understand it at first, but I think that I've gotten the hang of it now.

my lil babycakes fell asleep, promptly at eight, this evening. look at it's faaaace.

being a good mama pifu and switching off the lights for my little precious.

sleep tight, darling.

:jump: mama's pifu's corner :jump:

right...it's been SUCH a good day, today. i'm currently sat in my living room, with yes, my ankle guard still on my right foot, watching the news. have a lovely day, everyone - no matter where you are in this world. i'll leave my links here, so you can openly stalk me. *laughs*

*virtual hugs to all*

much love,
- nurul

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Tama Zone Superstars
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Eek, Nurul, your P2 is so cute! :love: What a beautiful design. :D Regarding the bar, I think that's the Discipline meter, much like the original Connections/Connexions have! I think you can only punish your Tamagotchi on the P2, though!
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Aug 10 2015, 08:08 PM #183

hello, everyone! my year two uni school term semester one is literally starting in less than six hours, and here I am, finally updating my tama log! I had to take out it's batteries because it was a little too distracting. *laughs*

I've since hatched it again, and set it five minutes faster than the actual time, here in Singapore. it's currently 0330h here, and no, I am not sleepy. my older sister's phone is ringing (she's sleeping in through her alarms, again. what's new? heh.), my neighbourhood is quiet (oh the alarm has gone off. yay for silence), and I still owe my publishers two more character profiles. but I'm lazy. can't I do it during my free period in school later? I literally have four and a half hours of freedom tomorrow. my first class ends at 1200 noon, and the next class starts only at 1630h.

my tamagotchi is a baby, and is asleep.

with regards to the gameplay for the P2 vintage tama, I think it's pretty basic (in a good way). it's not as needy, and quite easy to take care of, as long as you pay attention to it. the first run I had with it, I couldn't really take care of my tama since I was too busy with other commitments! it was cute, though. I'll find the growth chart and update you readers with it's evolution sometime soon.

SIGH I can't seem to upload anything on imgur this morning! ):

that's alright though. I should probably start wrapping my gifts up. I've been dyeing flowers today! super duper fun, and I love the process of seeing the flowers absorb and change colours.

I hope that anyone and everyone reading this has a day that they deserve! stay sincere, always.

don't hesitate to ask me anything on my ask.fm page! i'll be answering questions today, and I'll start my hiatus on ask.fm pretty soon (probably in a few days). so, stay curious, and true to yourself always, my loves!

ask away, darlings! stay curious and creative, always!

yours sincerely,
- nurul a.k.a. pifi a.k.a pifipatchi
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Hi everyone! I'm back! :haha:
In case you've never heard of me, I'll re-introduce myself here: I'm pifipatchi, or pifi for short. I first joined tama-zone when I was 13 years old, back in 2008. when I started logging, I had a version 4 that my friend kindly gave to me as she had lost interest and knew how much I loved tamagotchis, but didn't own any.

I continued logging until 2009/10 and only started again in 2015 when I was in uni.

I've decided to start up my TZ log again, because I've missed it and I've seen so many new tamagotchi releases that I can't wait to get!

as of now, I'm having my term break and I'd love to get back into my tamagotchis. I'll finally be able to use my tablet to churn out some seriously cute drawings for this log!
this will be where my replies will be, and of course, any comments/replies/feedback are most welcome here!
the tamas that I will be logging are: my TMGC+C, a version 2, and (only for this post), a P2.

I've kept them in a heart box (that I got from The Body Shop)

there they are!

digital friends of the world

mama pifu (because there isn't a "fi")

a baby boy! how adorable!

the three eggs! too cute!

if you're new to the style of my tama logs, I use this section as a "tamagotchi's point-of-view", in which my tamagotchis share their version of what had happened on the day I've logged.

doing this bit has always been my favourite (and also enjoyed by many of the TZ members who read this log) to write and illustrate! I'll be looking forward to drawing lots of adorable illustrations to complement my tamagotchis' stories.

no tama's views today, though. I'm currently waiting for my tablet's stylus to be delivered to me (I unfortunately lost my tablet's stylus back in august last year :cry: ). I just got an email informing me that I'll be receiving it soon, so yay!

...and this is the section where I update my log on other news that may or may not be related to tamagotchis.

as of now, I'm waiting for several tamagotchis to arrive, that are: a blue spacey tamagotchi mix, a version 3, a version 5, and a lemon yellow 4U+. I've yet to get my hands on a version 4, which is my favourite! hopefully, I'll be able to find one soon! :D

also, happy holidays! I hope everyone is feeling festive and loved, and have had a wonderful day today. do stay tuned for updates, dear readers and TZ members!

lots of love and warm hugs,


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Yes!! So glad to see more logs active on TZ!! :love:
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CoolSkeleton_95: yay! hello there! I'm glad too. I hope that you've read the rest of my log. thank you so much for leaving a comment! (:
:heart: TMGC+C updates

my little baby blue kinotchi! so cute! he evolved into a cute kuribotchi! I love my little chestnut. so adorable, and appropriate for the holiday season hehe!

time to start finding those happy items. we saw the heart cloud! this happened almost immediately I decided to start finding the happy items. once I clicked 'B' to step out of the house, there it was in the sky! that would explain the blurry quality of the photo, I didn't expect it to happen so soon, so I wasn't prepared with my camera heh! :P

1st row: we found the lucky clover! good job!
2nd row: looking for a shooting star at night, and finding a lucky popsicle stick (and of course, gaining lots of weight before actually finding it)!
3rd row: the happy bar progress! yay!

doing some exploring around...

my cute chestnut sleeping in his adorable bedroom. what an exciting day he's had!

;) V2 updates

my little v4 baby taking his first nap. he soon evolved into a hitodetchi! here he is crying for attention!

:heart: TMGC+C point of view
I popped out from my egg and saw mama pifu looking at me, beaming with joy. I immediately realised how hungry I was so I called out to her. she gave me a few onigiris and bananas. I felt so much better! we wanted to explore the area a bit, but it was dark and stormy. so, she decided to change the dates (ooh, time travel) to a more sunnier day. we played a couple of games to earn enough gotcha points to purchase a magnifying glass and telescope to look for the happy items.

before we started our quest to find as many happy items, I felt a little strange. a sudden light started to grow within me, I felt warm and fuzzy! I closed my eyes, and a strange sensation started filling the room. I took a breath and opened my eyes slowly to find that my body’s changed! I evolved into a kuribotchi I’m a little chestnut now. I was so excited to continue living my life as a toddler!

just as we stepped out into the garden, a beautiful heart cloud floated by! how completely serendipitous! we were so surprised, that mama pifu almost forgot to snap a picture for the log.

after looking around the garden with my magnifying glass, we finally came across the lucky four leaf clover. that made me even happier!

the next item we looked for outside in the garden was the shooting star. mama pifu changed the time again, so it became night time in a blink! she set up the telescope and I peeked through it, hoping to see a shooting star. it took us several tries, but when we finally found it, it made all that effort worth it.

as it was getting cold outside, we headed back inside the house and into the kitchen. mama pifu let me warm up with some yummy green tea. she told me to look out for special lucky steam that was a happy item. lots of tea (and bathroom breaks) later, a sweet little steam rose up out of my cup and warmed my face. I finally found it! the next food item to try were the blue popsicles. thank goodness it didn’t take long, because I got two toothaches during the entire process! ouch! I didn’t mind very much because mama pifu swiftly medicated me to help ease the pain of the toothache.

we also managed to plant the hapihapi seed. although it wasn’t photographed, we managed to earn enough gotchi points to buy the instant tree growth potion. after using the potion on the tree, it magically grew and we got to harvest the hapihapi fruit! I ate one, and the ever-adorable hapihapitchi flew into our house for a visit! it was so fun! I’m so glad to have gotten another happy item found.

after that, mama pifu and I explored the different areas together.

it had been such a long day! she set the clock and date back to the usual time, and I went straight to sleep.

;) V2 point of view

as I popped out of my egg, I saw two unfamiliar faces looking happily at me. they were a human girl, my caretaker, I suppose, and another tamagotchi. she scooped us both into her arms and gave us a cuddle. she told us that she was pifipatchi, and we could call her mama pifi, or just pifi for short. the other tamagotchi, a blue mushroom-like boy, couldn't pronounce "fi" very well, so he called her mama pifu instead.

after about an hour, pifi stepped back and looked at us expectantly. we looked at each other wondering if the other knew what was about to happen. the kinotchi started to look strange, and soon enough he glowed! a sudden light filled the room and I had to shut my eyes. I opened them in a second and the kinotchi wasn't there anymore! instead, a chestnut-like tamagotchi was in his place. he had evolved into a toddler! just as I realised it, I started evolving too.

in a blink, I had become a...star! how perfect for the holiday season, I heard pifi say excitedly. she took photographs of the both of us. I realised how hungry I was and started crying to be fed! she quickly took me in her arms and gave me some food and milk to fill me up.
I hope you've enjoyed this post! I’ll be posting updates on my p2 in the next log entry, so stay tuned. I’m still unsure about the names for my tamagotchis, and I’m open to suggestions!

oh, if you're wondering, I'm just using my iphone 5s camera to take the photos. I edit them on my macbook, and upload them on tinypic. as for the illustration, I use my wacom tablet (I literally just got the stylus delivered to me today! YAY!) to draw. I'm currently using the sketchBook app on my macbook. I think it's the best one for me. I'd use illustrator if I knew how! heheh. see you all soon!