Phone faceplate/housing change guide.

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Around a month ago, I bought a very cheap, used Nokia 2865i from eBay for use on my iD. When it came, it was beaten, scratched and worn-looking. If you're a person like me, this will be enough to make you cringe and have several hairs turn white on the spot. Thus it seemed almost a necessity that I immediately run to eBay and also order a faceplate/housing from Hong Kong for cheap.

Today, the faceplate/housing finally arrived after 3 weeks, and I was able to successfully give my hag of a phone a complete makeover! I will show step-by-step with pictures how to do this safely. Mind you this was my first time ever attempting something like this, and even as inexperienced as I was, with a little care and careful tinkering, I was able to do it. When it comes to things like these, it's safe to say I'm rather 'speshul', so if I can do it, you can do it. :P

For this process, you will need:
  • Old crappy phone.
  • New faceplate/housing set.
  • T6 torx screwdriver (typically comes with the set).
  • Thin pliers.
  • Needle or some other thin durable object.
  • Q tips.
  • Alcohol.
So get your faceplate/housing, old crappy phone and T6 torx screwdriver out first!

Pop open the front, and place the dial pad and the old front on the side. You will be left with the open innards of your phone. You will notice 6 screws, 2 at the top, 2 in the middle and 2 at the bottom. Carefully turn these screws counter-clock wise and put them aside in a container so as not to lose them.

Once you get the screws off, you will be able to lift the middle section of your phone, which carries the screen with it. Carefully put this aside and have a look at the very back section of the phone. You will have precisely 5 parts to carefully remove.

First remove the black box-thing at the very top. Then move the three little tiny pieces at the very bottom. One is the orange looking one on the right, the next one is the brown one in the middle, and the last one is the black one of the very left. After that, you'll notice a very thin metal plate in the very middle of the phone's body. This is attached into place by little side arms. With the use of a needle or something equally thin and durable, pry it off, paying VERY close attention not to break it. This will be very tricky, so take your time! Once you have all of these pieces out, you'll notice they're very dusty and dirty looking. This is where you bring out your Q tips and alcohol to properly wipe them down.

When you're done cleaning all of them properly, it's time to put them all back into their proper places. One by one, place them back in, making sure not to 'force' any of them, for they will break very easily. When you put them all back together, it should look like this:

Then you can put the screen portion back in place, screw it all back down again, and snap the front cover shut! VOILA! You have successfully changed the entire body of your phone, and now your once ugly phone shines like a pristine new phone! Here are pictures from the after shots :)

Caution: Attempt at your own risk! Tama-Zone is not responsible for any damaged or broken parts.

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