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Matchmaker And Parent/Baby FAQs

*This applies to all versions of connection/connexion from Version 1 -> Version 4.5*

When will the matchmaker come to my tamagotchi?
The matchmaker will come to your tamagotchi after it has been an adult for for at least 72 hours, usually between the ages of 6 and 10, unless it has already mated with another tamagotchi.
She will appear on the screen at the following times 10.30am, 3.00pm and 7.00pm. If your tamagotchi becomes an old-timer, the matchmaker will no longer visit. The only way an old-timer can mate is by mating it with ANOTHER old-timer of the opposite sex.

What happens when the matchmaker appears on the screen?
When the matchmaker appears on the screen she will be reading a book - looking for possible "matches" for your tamagotchi. If you select Button A, B or C, she will offer a partner - who then appears on the screen. She will then ask Love? To have a baby with that partner - select Yes, or if you don't want that partner, select No.

How do I choose the sex of the baby?
There are many theories on how to choose a particular sex of baby, but to date there does not appear to be any 100% reliable method of choosing the sex of the baby from the matchmaker.

What happens if I say No to the matchmaker?
If you choose No when the matchmaker offers your tamagotchi a partner, she will then go away. She will come back again however at the the next scheduled time slot, up until age 10. Once your tamagotchi reaches 10 years of age - it will turn into an old-timer (Otokotchi or Ojitchi) and the matchmaker no longer come.

How old do my tamagotchis have to be to mate?
For 2 adults to have babies together - they must have been adults for over 24 hours EACH of unpaused time (I have checked this numerous times on my V3s and I know its correct)....
They need to be partners - that is each have 4 hearts on their friendship meter - as soon as they are BOTH old enough they will may be as early as 4 years old (if they evolved into an adult at 3 years of age)....but it depends on the age of them both and what age they evolved into adults.

What happens when you mate with another tamagotchi?
When you mate with another tamagotchi - one tamagotchi goes across to the other screen - there are fireworks and 2 babies of the same sex will appear on the screen - one goes with the father and the other stays with the mother.

Can a V3 or V4 mate with other Versions?
Yes a V3 or V4 can mate with a V1 or V2. When you connecting a V3 or V4 with a V2, select "Other"on your V3/V4 and "V1" on your V2. If your character is not programmed into the other version - it will appear as Nazotchi when it crosses over, and on the Friends List.

What does the love potion do? When can I use it?
The purpose of the love potion is to speed up the process of getting your tamagotchis to become partners and breed. You can only use it on an adult tamagotchi. You need to have another tamagotchi of the opposite sex that is also an adult to breed with. It works best if both have been adults for 24 hours or more (ie of breeding age). Give the love potion to one of them - then connect with the other tamagotchi adult. They will then become partners (get 4 hearts on their friendship meter) and will go on to have babies. It saves all the connecting that you have to do otherwise to get two tamagotchis friendship levels up. If the adults are not old enough to breed - don't worry - it hasn't been wasted. Just try connecting later on or the next day and they should have babies straight away once they are of breeding age.

Thanks spudilike for the fantastic pictures!

How long does the parent stay with the baby?
The parent stays with the baby for a minimum of 24 hours unpaused time. After that it will be able to leave the baby - however it only leaves at 12 it will basically leave the evening after it has been with the baby for 24 hours. If you want to speed that process up - once you know it has been there for 24 hours, set the time to 11.59pm, wait a minute - and you'll see the whole thing!!
Then set the time to the next morning when your adult would normally have woken up and you'll have the baby!!

What actually happens when the parent leaves the baby?
Here is a series of photos that show the sequence of the parent leaving the baby:

Thanks spudilike for allowing us to use these photos

*Important V4 Matchmaker Information:
Please note that the Matchmaker only appears for a very short time on V4. On versions 1, 2 and 3 she appears on screen for about 10 minutes until you make a decision. On V4 she only stays on screen for 10 seconds, so you have to be quick to see her. If you think your adult is old enough to have a visit from her, you can reset the clock to 10.29am, 2.59pm or 6.59pm to catch her.

See this video clip of the Matchmaker on V4 ... gp2124.flv