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Lets start this review off by starting with the icons.

The first Icon is the Food Icon. You go here to feed your Tamagotchi either a Meal or Snack. Meals fill up the Hunger hearts and Snacks fill up the Happy hearts. But I dont recommend you feeding it too many snacks.

The second Icon is the Lights Icon, go here to turn the lights off when Tamagotchi goes to sleep. You never really use the "on" function at all as the lights are automatically turned on when the character wakes up. You'll only have to turn them on if you turned the lights off when you did not need too.

The third Icon is the Play Icon, you go here to play a game with your Tamagotchi. The game on the P1 is a guessing game! You have to guess correctly 3 or more times out of 5 to obtain a happy heart. You have to guess which way it faces - select A button to guess left and B button to guess right. C exits you out of it. The P2 game is sorta like the P1 but a little better/easier. You have to guess at least 3 or more out of 5 times to get a happy heart. Its a number game. When you first enter the game, it will show a number. You have to guess whether your Tamagotchi is guessing a higher number than the one shown or a lower number than the one shown. A button guesses higher, B button guesses lower. The numbers are only from 1 to 9. So if the number shown is 9 the number being guessed is always going to be lower, same with if the number is 1...it will always be higher. C button exits out of the game.

The fourth Icon is the Medicine Icon. You go here to nurse Tamagotchi back to health if its sick...if its sick, you will see a skull in the corner of the screen. Sometimes more than one dose of medicine is neccesary.

The fifth icon is the Toilet/Flush Icon. You only need to use this when your Tamagotchi has made a mess (pooped). The Icon will clean it up and everyhing will be all clean and neat again.

The next Icon is the Status Meter, you go to this Icon and toggle through all the choices, to see it age, wieght, how much its been disciplined, how hungry it is, and how happy it is.

The Icon after that is the Discipline Icon, you go here to scold your Tamagotchi when it beeps at you for no reason. Even if it has only one heart left in each hunger and happiness it still beeped for no reason....so you need to scold it. This will raise its discipline meter.

The last Icon is one you cannot choose. It is the Attention Icon. This will light up when Tamagotchi needs something, simply go to the Health Meter Icon to check and see what it needs.

Now that I have explained the Icons its now time for me to explain the characters!!

P1 characters are-
Teens-Tamatchi and Kutchitamatchi
Adults-Mametchi, Ginjirotchi, Masakutchi, Kutchipatchi, Nyorotchi, and Tarakotchi
Secret Character-Gaijintchi (Bill)

P2 characters are-
Teens-Tongaritchi and Hashitamatchi
Adults-Mimitchi, Pochitchi, Zuccitchi, Hashizoutchi,Takotchi, and Kusatchi
Secret Character-Zatchi

Here is some tips on obtaining the secret characters. Bill and Zatchi only come from Masakutchi and Zuccitchi. once you obtain these adults, take perfect care of them taking care for them not too loose too many hearts at a time, the key here is to fill them up before it has the chance to beep.

Make sure you fill up its discipline meter completly, It should soon become sick for no reason. This is its key too evolution. after nursing the sickness away, it should evolve before going to bed that day or as soon as it wakes up the next day. If it does not evolve then it probably wont! I have never seen one or had one evolve into either secret character after age 10. But I could be wrong.

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For a full character / growth chart, read this topic: http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=8272

For those who want to be able to tell a P1 from a P2, without hatching it, here's some information to help you:

The LCD backgrounds are different between a P1 and a P2.
The P1 has a checkered background, like this.
The P2 has a swirly background, like this.

The characters shown on the box artwork are different between P1 & P2. If you still have the box, look on the back, near the bottom. If you can see Mametchi, it's a P1. If you can see Mimitchi, it's a P2.

Scans of the original instruction sheets are available online.
For the P1, click here.
For the P2, click here.