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Welcome to the Oden-kun Guide and Information Topic, a collection of information regarding the Oden-kun Tamagotchi release.


"Lily Franky Presents The Adventure Of Oden-kun" is a Japanese cartoon (episodes of which only last 7 minutes) which revolves around characters who live in the Oden food pot on a food cart. The characters are based on the types of food which appear on an Oden cart (e.g radish, eggs, sushi - the only "exception" is Oden-kun himself who is the whole dish Oden rather than just an ingredient). For anyone wanting to watch an episode of Oden-kun there is one here on YouTube - a word of warning its all in Japanese - the basic premise is that there is an MC/Rap competition going on in the food pot.

The Official Oden-kun website is - http://www.odenkun.net

Character Chart

The toddlers and teens can be obtained in any generation.
Guest characters will also visit if you have an Oden-kun and use the Oden-kun specific item Mochi Mochi radar.

Name translations

Konnyaku - Gellatin with litle taste - treat in Japan, rubbery consistency, comes from boiled Konnyaku potatoes*
Tamago - Egg
Meatboya - Meat-boy or Meat-baby
Hanpen-kun - Hanpen is Pounded fish cake (kun mr)
Chikuwa-buu - Chikuwa is a tube shaped food made from fish, Chikuwa-Buu resembles a Chikuwa tube but is made from flour*
Chikuwa-kun - Chikuwa is a tube shaped food made from fish, kun is "Mr".
Ninjin-musume - Ninjin means Carrot, musume means daughter - Carrot Daughter
Ganmo-kun Ganmo is/are tofu patties
Ginnan-bouzu - Ginnan means gingko nut and bouzu is a slang term for a buddhist priest, but in this case means boy*
Oden-kun - Oden is a winter meal in Japan with konnaku, eggs, radish and fish-cakes, amongst other ingredients
Tamago-chan - literally "egg-lady"
Jagah - Jagah is a Japanese potato jagaimo*
Susie - A gyu-suji - which is part of the meat of a cow*
Weiner-kun - Weiner is a type of sausage
Ganguro Tamago-chan - Ganguro is an alternate Japanese fashion trend.
Tsumire-chan - Tsumire is a fish meatball.
Itokon-kun - Itokon is a noodle-shaped Konnyaku*
Meka-Oden-kun - Meka pronounced Mecha as in Mechanical
Koro - Koro
Nise-Oden-kun - Nise means bogus/immitation
Daikon-sensei - Daikon is a type of Radish and Sensei means teacher
Tako san - Tako means Octopus (san mr or mrs)
Gomaki-chan - Gomaki comes from gobou-maki - made from burdock and fish cakes*
Konnya-kun - Konnya from Konnyaku
Konbu-kun - konbu is seaweed
Satsumadon - Satsuma is a type of Orange.

*Extra Information from tarokaja - many thanks!


1.Check Meter

As with other Tama's you can check your character's Age, Weight, Name, Hungry and Happy hearts, Discipline level and Generation here.


Meal or Snack options - Meal is the food version of whatever character you have - so for Tamago-chan it's an Egg (Tamago meaning Egg). For Babies it's different they do not eat what they are.
Snack is a predetermined snack - different for each character.


Clean up any mess with this item - select it when you see your character "struggling" to get them on the toilet and gain Happy hearts.


There are three built in games on the Oden-kun, winning/completing a game gives you 100-Oden-Gotchi or "Den", coming close gives you 70, halfway - 50 and losing not long after the game began - 10 (you can of course end up with 0 for losing right away) A completed game will fill 4 Happy Hearts.

Game 1 "Kebab"

The object of this game is to make the kebab correctly the player controls a skewer and a conveyer belt of pieces moves past, for example to correctly make the kebab in the image above the player would need to skewer a triangle piece first, then an oblong piece then a circular piece. On completion of one kebab the player moves on to the next, the conveyer belt gets faster each time and each piece must be skewered almost exactly in the center or it is game over.

Game 2 "Ladle" [daikon shimikomi(?)]

Here the player must press B when the ladle/pan is below the center mark (the ladle/pan moves left to right), if done correctly some liquid is poured onto the food below, the ladle moves faster and faster each round and there is also a timer across the top - which if it reaches the end is game over - however the timer is reset each round. The game is complete when the food at the bottom is completely covered in the liquid.

Game 3 "Skipping/Jump-Rope" [mochitobi(?)]

A basic skipping game - the player must press B when the rope is at the bottom to make Oden jump over it, the rope gradually gets faster as the game progresses.


There are 2 options here - connect and PC, PC is used for entering codes for items.

Oden-kun can only connect to another Oden-kun. There are two options under the connect icon, the first is connect the second is for password entry.

There are three things which can happen upon connecting, like the original Tamagotchi Plus (and some subsequent versions) it is random what will happen.

1. A game where the character on each Oden-kun will stack up money until it amounts to a certain figure - then they jump up off screen and when they return one will have won and the other lost, the winner wins the money that was stacked at the start (same game also features on KeiTama and KeiTama Akai).

2. A chopsticks game - both characters will be picked up by chopsticks and whichever one is dropped first loses.

3. Present - just like on other Tamagotchi one character will go and visit the other, the person who pressed B on the connect screen first is usually the one who will recieve a visit from the other Oden-kun.


Select this icon to Discipline (top selection) when your character is having a "tantrum" (shouting out angrily), or Praise (bottom selection) them when they are feeling down (shrunken in size and looking unhappy).

7.Medical Bag

Select this icon when your character is sick and the healer will come and sing to them to make them better.


This icon is the Oden-kun lights - its basically turning off the flame under the cooking pot and making it dark - used just like lights on other Tamagotchi.


View your History, Family, select an Item to use or view your Oden-Gotchi points.

10.Attention Icon

Exactly the same as on other Tamagotchi - this lights up when your character requires attention - it is shaped like a Kebab.

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