Mothra Tamagotchi: Secret Character: Godzilla

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Ever wanted to get the secret character Godzilla in your tamagotchi? Well I found someone else got Godzilla by getting Makora (the peanut looking tamagotchi) that looks like this:

And lowering the weight to 30 Tons. Then get their Justice Bar to full. Then don't let them get any care mistakes, then in two days they'll become Godzilla. I saw this on this persons Tamalog post 45.
And decided to test it and it worked like a charm! Now I have my own little Godzilla :)

So to recap, take horrible care of your mothra or battra grub and let their weight always be at 99 Tons before they enter their cocoon. Then hopefully you get Makora.
Then lower Makoras weight down to 30 tons (the lowest for Makora) and take perfect care of them, filling their Justice Bar, and in two days they'll become Godzilla.
There is no second cocoon stage or anything, they just morph straight to Godzilla :)

Good luck!
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