Making A Suggestion/Giving Feedback

Tama Zone Immortals
Tama Zone Immortals
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7:01 PM - Oct 19, 2006 #1

Please can you make sure that when you make a new topic in this forum that you have thought it through before posting.

Many of the 'suggestions' that have been posted recently are not really suggestions. They are more of 'personal opinions' about things.

Topics like 'people shouldn't spam' are just pointless. We all know that. And making such a topic is SPAM in itself.

We also do not wish to see any more topics about who should be staff. The nice thing about Tama-Zone is we do have an active and regular staff team. We know who would make a good staff member- we will decide between us who should be asked. If someone is suitable- they will be asked- by the staff WHEN new staff are needed. So please don't do it.

This forum was is intended for Suggestions about how you think Tama-Zone could be improved or for giving Feedback about what you like/dislike about it.

Please don't feel that if nobody has posted in this forum for a while- YOU HAVE TO think something up - just to make this forum active.

If you are happy with TamaZone and really like it, just leave this section alone, we are not at all worried if no-one posts here! :haha:

Thank You for reading- and go and have some fun!