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7:43 AM - Dec 19, 2016 #1

Hi, and welcome to my tamagotchi Log!
I had a log on tamatalk several years ago back when I had almost no tamagotchis and a terrible camera but now I'm ready to Log again!
I probably won't log every single day but I'll log as I am able to or as I am playing with Tama's.

My collection has:
1 ocean
1 Angel
A few P1's and p2's
A mothra
A morino
A v1
3 v2s
3 v3s
3 v4s
1 familitchi
1 v5.5
1 music star
1 tamago
3 tamagotchi friends
1 tama +color
2 ID
1 P's
2 4U's
And possibly 1 m!x for Christmas!

:jump: Comments are welcomed! :jump:

Let's get this log on the road!

Right now I'm running my tamagotchi idl 15th anniversary and a pink v3.
First off is Roy the Oiyajitchi

He's actually been a lot of fun to have around. Normally I want to marry off adults as fast as possible but me and Roy are having a blast. We've been searching for his happy symbols but all we've found this far is the treasure chest.

But Roy also enjoys the park and going outside in general. It's been snowing all week so he is happy to have a chance to not feel so cold!

Next is my v3. I'd been working hard to get a decent character but I left for work one day without giving Cal a pause and now he is a sumo wrestler. But not just any sumo wrestler! A sumo wrestler filled with joy and Christmas spirit. He's also a hopeless romantic who's always talking about finding the love of his life.

More soon!

Edit: sorry about the picture size!

Joined: 4:39 AM - Nov 13, 2007

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December 19

Hi everyone! Last night I hatched my V4.5 because I've actually never ran it before so let's begin there!

This is Chelsea, a cute little girl who loves to play! Seriously we played all night last night!

After the baby hour she turned into a cute little star

Chelsea loves school, she wishes she never had to leave schools

Cal bought a hat today... other than that it was just a normal day

IDL 15th Anniversary

Roy had a lot of fun today! He found 2 more happy stamps and cleaned up around the place.

Till next time!