Joello's characters and sketches

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Joello's characters and sketches
I really hope this is the right place...I also tried looking in the support to see if there was a spoiler tag to hide the images in a button, but I couldn't find them. Anyway If people like my art i'd love to do requests if you shoot me a PM. I need to stay busy haha. I think the most I could work on is two or three. I make a lot of my own characters except when I draw Pokemon and Tamagotchi (obviously) If people REALLY like my art, i'd post a manga i've been working on too! As for my characters, I have over 300 I think...they all have names and there's a story for everything

This is the first BIG thing i've done. I did this in 2008 or 9, not sure. The main Character is Starlight and he's in the middle. The main bad guy is Zatturn, he's the blue guy at the very top with the rings. If anyone wants to know the story, details, or any of their names PM me or something.

This is another main character, her name is Charm, some characters in this drawing are friends, and some are enemies. I drew this in October of 14

This one is actually a few years old, probably 2. That's why it looks a little strange, maybe around 2011

This one is my most recent. It's a bunch of demons. Right now i'm working on another big poster of Angels AND Demons. I look forward to finishing it. This was done with Copic markers, I plan to do the Angels and Demons poster with color pencils because I only have like 28 Copics....

I did this with Copics too, it's a Mega Altaria

Done with Copics as well, these are the main characters from Five Nights at Freddy's