Important Guidelines for Signature & Avatar Shops

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Thank you everyone remaining for your cooperation and patience. As promised, the Administrators and Moderators of Tama-Zone have tried to find a suitable solution to the art area of the forums.

We have created two new forum boards for the art section:
-The Art Gallery
-Signature and Avatar Shops

New Topics must be moderator or administrator-approved, and on a no-comment basis. A new topic application must include an example of the artist's work. Approval will be based on originality of the artwork, and the maturity and commitment exhibited by the artist or future shop owner. Shops will need to have their requests submitted onto a pinned topic in the correct forum board, and their topics should have no pointless chatter within. If you would like to post comments about artists or pieces of art and leave feedback, there will be a "Chatter" topic to do so within.

We hope that this will bring about a cooperation of the artist community here. We love to see your creativity brighten our boards, and hope that competitiveness between yourselves will not cause us to rethink our decision.

The boards will be observed and moderated by the Administrators, Moderators, Tamagotchi Wisemen, and the newly-appointed Art Moderators. Please adhere to Tama-Zone's Rules and Regulations, as well as the rules of the art forum.

Members who already have existing topics in the existing Signature & Avatar and Art forums can PM a request to one of the staff to have their topics cleaned up (of pointless posts) and moved from the older locked boards into the new ones.

There are two pinned topics on each of the art forums. One is the feedback topic, where visitors and artists can post their comments on the work that's being displayed. Any comments made in topics besides this one will be moved to this topic. The second topic is the screening topic, where prospective artists should submit their proposed gallery or shop topics. If the artist is approved, the post will be split from the pinned topic to become its own topic.

Guidelines for Visitors
* Do not reply in artists' topics. Use the Feedback Pinned Topic Signature/Avatar Shops Feeback Thread
* If you would like to request artwork, please read the artist's rules carefully, and then send a private message with your request.
* Do not make a request from more than one shop at a time.
* If you have technical questions about how to use a signature or avatar, please don't pester our artists. Refer to the instructions topic in Tama Zone Support, (link).

Guidelines for Artists
* If you would like to open a shop, please reply in the Applications Pinned Topic Signature and Avatar Shop Applications with your proposed gallery or shop.
* Be sure to include the name of your shop at the top of your post, so we will know what to name it when we split it.
* If you are opening a shop, remember to include your rules for requests, such as how many you will take at once, the duration of time a person must wait before making another request, and a reminder that requests must be made by private message.
* Please keep your first post up-to-date with any changes to your guidelines, including an update as to whether you are currently taking requests.
* Keep your work original. A proposed shop or gallery that seems to be a duplicate of an existing one will not be approved by Staff. Re-colored bandai pixels are not 'original art'.

:) Anna"