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This FAQ topic is about identifying the differences between the 'English' versions of Tamagotchi's, released all over the world *except* in Japan.

Q. How Can I tell which type of Tamagotchi I have?

A. Look on the back of the shell. If it says
BANDAI 1996 or 1997, it will be an 'original' tamagotchi dating from 1996/1997.

There were two variants of the original tamagotchi now referred to as a Gen1 and Gen 2.
The Main character on the Gen1 is a Mametchi, the main character on a Gen 2 is a Mimitchi. The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the medicine icon on the top right of the screen.(See picture below).

Original Tamagotchi's do not have an Infra red port and so therefore can't connect.

If the back of the shell says Bandai-Wiz 2004, and it has an Infra-Red window, it will be one of the 'modern' Tamagotchi's.

The V1 and V2 can't be easily identified apart just by looking at the shell. They both have a smooth egg-shaped shell and no antenna.

The V2 has more functions than the V1, so looking at the lists in the menu's is the easiest way to tell them apart. (See below).

The V3 has a small ridged antenna.
The V4 has a taller antenna with a ball end.

The Mini is very tiny and has a screen approx 1.5 cm square.

Q. I have a tamagotchi that looks like these but it's all in Japanese?

A. There are also Japanese versions of the original Tamagotchi's.
If you have one that looks like the V1/V2- it may be a Tamagotchi +(plus)
If you have one that looks like the V3, it may be a KeiTama or Akai.
If you have one that looks like the V4, it is an EnTama.
If you have one that looks like the Mini is is a Chibi.