How To "post" and "upload" pictures to a website

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Q: How do I post pictures here in TamaZone?
A: Read this: ... &p=3123837
by DDDTrooper
To post an image, first go to an image hosting website (like TinyPic), and upload whatever image you wish to post.  After uploading, you will be given a list of codes:

Copy the "IMG Code" as shown above, and paste the code into your reply.  The image should then appear in your post.

You can also just paste the "Direct Link" into your post, just make sure you put IMG tags around the link.

IMG Tags:

Code: Select all

 [IMG] paste "Direct Link" here [/IMG] 


EDIT: If your picture just appears as "user posted image", your computer just isn't displaying it properly.  Try refreshing the page a few times, and it should come up.

Q: What sites can I use to upload my pictures to?
A: There are so many websites out there that offers this service, just look at this google search result: ... tnG=Search

Most of the photo sharing websites can hold photos for free, but for a limited storage space depending on the website. The site’s free storage space varies from site to site, too – so you should carefully read the website’s information page Help/FAQ pages to find out and compare, before you sign up to any of these photo hosting/sharing websites.

Popular picture hosting sites are:
• ImageShack:
• Photobucket:
• Tinypic:
• Flickr:
• Majhost: