How to draw Tamagotchi Sprites

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Here is my guide on how to draw Tamagotchi sprites! In case you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm going to show you a few I've made to give you an idea. I know I might not be perfect, but oh well.

So do you want to know what you need to draw sprites? Firstly, you're gonna need yourself. Secondly, you're going to need Paint, a program that is probably on your computer already (look under "accessories" if you can't find it).

Rightio, now that you've got the materials you need you should probably get 'round to starting. First of all get a picture of the Tamagotchi character you wish to draw (you can draw it yourself on a separate piece of paper). This is optional but it might help you.

Sometimes it's useful to break up your picture into basic shapes. Here's a picture of a Mametchi from Bandai's Tamagotchi School chart. It might not be very clear but it will show how you can break up a picture into basic shapes.

As you can see the basic shapes are an oval (for the head) and a rectangle thingymabob (for the body). All the stuff in blue are just things you add on afterwards.

So should I try and draw the Mametchi as well as a demonstration? Okay then. If you want me to.

There are two ways of drawing sprites. One way is to get up close and draw pixel by pixel. The other way is to sketch the picture and then clean it up later. If you're drawing a big picture, best to do it the second way. If the picture is really small you can use either way. Now in this case I'm going to draw the Mametchi the second way.

Open up Paint and let's get started. Remember we don't want to draw the Mametchi EXACTLY. I mean, we could just copy the original picture! We're going to draw it the way we want to. It seems that everybody has their own drawing style.

When you've opened up Paint you can zoom in to 6x or 8x zoom and press Ctrl + G to get a grid. This is very useful. You don't have to use the grid feature but you can if you wish.

Start by scribbling in the basic shapes. Yes, I know I'm very messy, but that's how I am when I draw sprites.

Next clean up your basic shapes and change them a bit so they look better. They don't have to look perfect because they're going to be modified anyway.

Now time to sketch those features- the ears, the arms and the legs. Move your picture around if you don't have room.

Now- I think you must have guessed this!- time to clear up your image again and modify the bits you don't like. Your picture should look more like Mametchi at this point.

Go ahead and draw the outline of Mametchi's clothes and clean it up when you're done.

Now you should probably add in the eyes, mouth and details on the T-shirt before it's too late!

Time for colour! Now I have a choice. I can copy the original colour or I can colour on my own. If you want to copy the original colour, then copy the original picture next to your sprite (you'll probably need to make the background area larger). Then use the eyedropper and paint bucket tools to colour in your picture. Be sure to reset the size back to what it was before when you're done.

Here's my picture. I used the original colours.

Now, if you want to you can use highlights and shading to make your picture look more 3-D. You can also change part of the outline to a dark colour closer to the colour of the actual sprite itself. By the way it's good to have colours that look a lot darker than the main thing for shading so the human eye can actually SEE the shading.

Here's my final picture, complete with shading.

Finally I'd just like to say a few things to you. Firstly, even if drawing sprites doesn't come that easily, it does NOT mean you are allowed to give up completely! Just keep trying and eventually you'll reach your goal. With sprites it can be a lot easier to draw your pictures small. Secondly, you aren't limited to drawing Tamagotchi, of course! The sky's the limit. Draw whatever you like.

Thankyou for reading my guide. I hope it's helped you!

Feel free to post some feedback too, as well as some sprites you've made ;)