How to Apply Signatures, Avatars, and Images

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Well, many of you ask "how do I put on a cool signature or avatar??"

So I thought, "Well, I will tell you XD"

Directions to put on a signature:

1) Click 'my controls'
2) Look on the left side, click "edit signature"
3) There will be a space down the bottom, which allows you to put anything into your signature.
3b) If you want to type something in your signature, simply TYPE away! Once your finished, click "Update my Signature"

3c) If you want to use an IMAGE in your signature:
Find an image (not too big!!) either make one, or find an image on google of whatever that you like. Save it. IMPORTANT: Do not assume that all images on the internet are free for the taking. Make sure it's ok for you to use the image, by checking the terms of use on the site where you find it.

Now go to

Click "BROWSE"
find your image on your computer and double click it.
Now click UPLOAD
Now on the right side of the page find where it says "Hotlink for forums (1)" Look left, and thats the one that you use.
Highlight that whole link. Copy that part, remember to copy BOTH the

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[img]  and   [/img]
parts! Now copy>paste it into your signature!

How to use an AVATAR:
1) Click 'my controls'
2) Click 'edit avatar settings'
3) Now if you have a cool picture on your computer you want as an avatar, click 'browse' now find that picture.
4) Click 'open'
5) Now click "update avatar"

Please follow this guide CAREFULLY, before asking a question.
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I've seen people asking recently how to turn a graphic into a link in their signature. For example, they want to have a button in their signature that says, "My Tamagotchi Log," and have it act as a link. So here are instructions.

You need the iink to the graphic, and you need the link you want the graphic to jump to, when clicked. So for your Tama Log link, go to your tama log and copy the URL from your browser. Follow Haze's instructions, above, to find the link to your graphic. You use URL tag to put the link, then you use the IMG tag to put the graphic, then the /IMG tag and then the /URL tag. The URL tags need to go around the IMG tags. Here is mine, as an example:

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So it's..

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[URL= the link to your tama log ][IMG] the url of your userbar [/IMG][/URL] 
Think of it as the URL tags go *around* the IMG tags. So URL, IMG, /IMG, /URL.
I hope that makes sense.
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