Hi everyone! Will anyone help me with my podcast?

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Hi everyone :-)

My name is Tom, I live in Australia and owned a Tamagotchi way back in 1998!

I’m currently making a podcast that talks about technology from the 90s/00s and was wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their experience with Tamagotchi here, by direct message or over the phone?

I’m interested in questions like:
1. Why did you first decide to get a Tamagotchi?
2. What’s the longest amount of time you kept one alive?
3. How do you feel when your Tamagotchi dies?
4. Do you own any other robotic toys (like a Furby or AIBO)?
5. Has owning a Tamagotchi changed your views on how humans and technology interact?
6. (if relevant) Why did you stop using your Tamagotchi?

Post here or DM me if you’re keen to have a chat, or feel free to post your thoughts on my questions here!

Thanks heaps!